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Answer for the clue "Cardinal points", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word easts

90-degree headings

Bridge hands

Bridge seats

Bridge positions

Some bridge players

Some bridge seats

Certain bridge positions

Certain league divisions

Some dummies

Far and Middle

Middle and Far

Shrine Bowl teams

Positions in Goren's game

Bridge players' positions


Vanderbilt Cup seats

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Easts may refer to: Sydney Roosters , an Australian rugby league football team in the NRL, formerly known as "Eastern Suburbs" or "Easts" for short. Eastern Suburbs Tigers , an Australian rugby league football club Eastern Suburbs AFC , a New Zealand Association...

Usage examples of easts.

My guess is that they'll just go through the motions--especially if Ted Snyder raises the question of pre wedding jitters or says anything else that easts doubt on Tony:" "Do you think I should go to the police and make a statement?