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Answer for the clue "Plow sole", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word slade

Washington's Sen. ___ Gorton

Band with the 1984 hit "My Oh My"

Glam band with six #1 hits in Britain

"Tribute" playwright

Sole of a plow

Old West gunman Jack

TV's "Shotgun ___"

"Same Time, Next Year" playwright Bernard

English glam-rock band with six #1 hits

"Romantic Comedy" author

"Same Time, Next Year" author

"Susie" author: 1947

Word definitions for slade in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Sole \Sole\ (s[=o]l), n. [AS. sole, fr. L. soolea (or rather an assumed L. sola), akin to solumround, soil, sole of the foot. Cf. Exile , Saloon , Soil earth, Sole the fish.] The bottom of the foot; hence, also, rarely, the foot itself. The dove found no...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 (context now rare or dialectal English) A valley, a flat grassy area, a glade. 2 (context obsolete English) The sole of a plough.

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Slade (originally known as The N'Betweens , then Ambrose Slade , then Slade then Slade II and now back to Slade ) are an English glam rock band from Wolverhampton / Walsall . They rose to prominence during the early 1970s with 17 consecutive top 20 hits...

Usage examples of slade.

Prew explained, as they started back up toward the bivouac, them on one side, Slade on the other, stumbling over roots and bumping into branches.

No one, not even Blokey Mattenburg himself, could throw a rock into a trolley car with the precision of Tom Slade.

It was like with the bugle, you had to do the things yourself before you could put the ring of truth in them, and he had had it all in his head, ready for Slade to write down.

After their original lack of talk about Palmer and the other Slades, Muddie or Father or occasionally Leela would mention the family and wonder how they were.

Mercifully, since Polly had discovered politics there had been fewer of these horrible youths hanging about the place, although Mr and Mrs Slade lived in fear that on some rally or other their daughter would get involved with an anarcho-squatter peacenik punk with a tattooed penis and rings through his scrotum.

Like Rowling, The Shadow knew that Slade Farrow would attempt the impossible.

Tom Slade had brought in, was none other than the famous Major Johann Slauberstrauffn von Piffinhoeffer, excitement ran high in the neighborhood, and the towheaded young dispatch-rider from the Toul sector was hardly less of a celebrity than the terrible Prussian himself.

Oil Spill Way and Unleaded Lane, Bill and his best friend, Dwight Slade, snickered.

I tell youl I see how you have suffered through this Slade, so I tell you everything!

XIV BY FIVE DAYS Captain Slade meant the five since he had left the Olive Branch in the harbor of Morlaix, where that patient barque still lay with all her cargo, and a great deal of perplexity aboard her.

Slade chuckled and turned to look at the slow barque, forging steadily southward toward the steep slope of Guia Head.

Slade, watching the distant barque from a carronade slide, muttered beneath his breath, jumped to the deck, walked quickly forward and snapped an order to the gun crews by the foremast.

At the truck gap through the wire Slade came inside, and they cut back straight for the kitchen tent, Prew leading.

The stage-drivers and conductors told us that sometimes Slade would leave a hated enemy wholly unmolested, unnoticed and unmentioned, for weeks together--had done it once or twice at any rate.

You spent four years in Ashkhabad because of Slade, and now what do you have to look forward to?