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Answer for the clue "Byelorussia is one: Abbr.", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word ssr

Obsolete map abbr.

50-Down, once: Abbr.

Lith., formerly

Former Union member: Abbr.

Latvia, once: Abbr.

Georgia was one: Abbr.

Communist land, once: Abbr.

Georgia, once: Abbr.

Defunct pol. entity

Old Communist state: Abbr.

Moldavia, once: Abbr.

Obsolete geog. abbr.

Byelorussia, e.g.: Abbr.

Abbr. on old maps

Old geographical inits.

Kazakhstan, once: Abbr.

Armenia or Azerbaijan, once: Abbr.

Abbr. on old Asian maps

Bygone geographical inits.

One of 15, formerly: Abbr.

Old geog. initials

Ukr., once

Pre-Yeltsin abbr.

Georgia, e.g.: Abbr.

Estonia, once: Abbr.

Former Asian map abbr.

Outdated atlas abbr.

Est., once

Ukr., formerly

Azer. or Lith., once

Russia, once: Abbr.

Old Black Sea borderer: Abbr.

Ukraine, e.g., once: Abbr.

Old geog. inits.

Red letters?

Former map inits.

Moldavia, e.g.: Abbr.

Former state: Abbr.

Erstwhile bloc letters

Lith., once

Old map abbr.

Div. of a former union

Ukr. or Lith., once

Estonia, e.g., once: Abbr.

Old atlas letters

Bygone pol. unit

Old union member: Abbr.

Old union mem.

Inits. on bygone maps

Bygone map inits.

Bygone map letters

Azer. or Ukr., once

Former empire abbr.

Ukr., once, e.g.

Georgia, formerly: Abbr.

Old atlas abbr.

Part of an empire up to 1991: Abbr.

Lat. or Lith., once

Map abbr. until 1991

Old atlas inits.

Ukraine, e.g., formerly: Abbr.

Lithuania or Estonia, once: Abbr.

Ukraine was one: Abbr.

Bygone union member: Abbr.

Belarus or Ukraine, once: Abbr.

Lith. or Est., once

Lith., e.g., once

Est., e.g., once

Map abbr. before 1991

One of 15, once: Abbr.

Old pol. entity

Ukr., e.g., until 1991

Old political inits.

Georgia was one once: Abbr.

Belarus, once: Abbr.

Ukr., e.g., once

Ukr., until 1991, e.g.

Abbr. retired after Gorbachev's resignation

One of a geog. 15, once

Byelorussian ___: Abbr.

One of 15 until 1991: Abbr.

Old atlas initials

State of old, briefly

Belarus, until 1991: Abbr.

Pre-Yeltsin-era letters

Letters in old atlases

Any of the Baltic states, once: Abbr.

Cold War-era territory: Abbr.

37-Across was the smallest one: Abbr.

70-Across, e.g., formerly: Abbr.

Cold War land: Abbr.

Former pol. div.

Ukr., e.g.

Soviet rep.

Abbr. on outdated maps

Uzbek or Tadzhik: Abbr.

Rus., e.g., formerly

40 Across was one: Abbr.

Ukr., e.g. , formerly

The Ukr., e.g.

Georgia, e.g.

Soviet div.

Soviet Union pt., once

Uzbek, for one: Abbr.

Ukr. is one

Ukr. or Russ., once

Russ. or Ukr., once

Armenia, e.g.

Russian state: Abbr.

Eastern Eur. unit

Lith. or Ukr.

Ukr., for one

Latvia, e.g.

The Ukraine, e.g.

Soviet state

Soviet unit: Abbr.

Russ. area, such as the Ukraine

Where the SIREt flows: Abbr.

Russ. state

World-power div.

Tadzhik or Turkmen: Abbr.

Ukr. or Lith.

Part of Russia: Abbr.

Russian unit: Abbr.

S.U. unit

Soviet inits.

Moscow affiliate: Abbr.

Moscow satellite state: Abbr.

Kazakh, e.g.

Sov. state

Word definitions for ssr in dictionaries

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
1926, from Russian, initialism (acronym) for Sovetskaya Sotsialisticheskaya Respublika "Soviet Socialist Republic."

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
SSR may refer to: