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Answer for the clue ""Marvelous ___" of the old Mets ", 4 letters:

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a. (context colloquial English) marvellous, fantastic

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Marv is a fictional character in the graphic novel series Sin City , created by Frank Miller . In the 2005 film adaptation and its 2014 sequel, he is played by Mickey Rourke . He first appears in The Hard Goodbye and follows with appearances in A Dame to...

Usage examples of marv.

Cities such as Marv and Bokhara, which were in the old greater Khurasan, had begun since the middle of the ninth century to enjoy a measure of political freedom from the Caliphs of Baghdad, though still subject to them as the legal heads of Islam.

They serve those delicious as things - just for an hour, OKT Marv gave a sigh, and turned away.

She married Marv Kincaid, the homeliest man in town, and settled down to make a home for him.

We got together down at the hotel, Marv and Doc and me and Jess and By George and Lije when he was in town.

Khurasanian city of Marv and wrote a description of the terrors of the invasion in a letter to al-Qifti.

Juvaini mentions how, after the sack of Marv, a group of survivors counted the dead.

That was Marv, sitting as straight and precise as the long columns of figures he loved.

Major Marv Throneberry leaned far to the side of his chair, following as long as possible the departing view of Kathy Morris.

He and Marv Throneberry had flown together when they were lieutenants.

He showed up with a ravishing beauty for company, and sent her packing to arrange for motel rooms and rental cars, and Marv Throneberry was beside himself to find out just what the hell was going on.

Did I ever tell you about the time Marv and me pay two Arab kids sixty cents to watch them screw each other?

The Shoe Store Kid, alias Wrong Way Marv, alias After Birth Leary, alias Slunky Pete, alias Placenta Juan, alias K.