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Hine may refer to : Edward Hine Charles DeLano Hine (1867–1927), American civil engineer Lewis Hine (1874–1940), American sociologist Sonny Hine (1931–2000), American Hall of Fame Thoroughbred horse trainer

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Hine \Hine\, n. [See Hind a servant.] A servant; a farm laborer; a peasant; a hind. [Obs.] Bailiff, herd, nor other hine. --Chaucer.

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see hin .

Usage examples of hine.

Terri Brown-Davidson, Jim Ruland, Tony L Hines, and the rest of the talented Zoetrope crew, for their continuing support, advice and inspiration.

Jacko Hine helped him out from under the miscellanea of half-assembled pieces.

Secundum, timeo quia hoc nescio quando: Hine tertium, flebo quod nescio ubi manebo.

Then they all breakfasted, and set off on their homeward journey, letting Hine down with the rope from step to step.

Chayne followed her glance and this was what he saw: The level stretch of emerald lawn, the stream running through it and catching in its brown water the red light of the evening sun, the great beech trees casting their broad shadows, the high garden walls with the dusky red of their bricks glowing amongst fruit trees, and within that enclosure pacing up and down, in and out among the shadows of the trees, Garratt Skinner and Walter Hine.

The hand mixer, its beaters still dripping brown goo, sat on the kitchen counter beside an open box of Duncan Hines chocolate cake mix.

On Christmas day Hines leaves Milly's child on the steps of an orphanage.

There ain’t enough sin here to keep Me busy because what do I care for the fornications of a slut, since that is a part of My purpose too,’ and Old Doc Hines said, ‘How is the fornications of a slut a part of Your purpose too?

You could persuade him,’ and Old Doc Hines said, ‘I care no more for your fornications than God does,’ and she said, ‘He will tell and I will be fired.

In desperate haste they descended lowering Walter Hine from man to man, they crawled down the slabs, dropped from shelf to shelf, wound themselves down the gullies of ice.

One day the town found the woman established in the small house where they had lived ever since, though for the next five years Hines was at home only once a month, over the weekend.

But in time he stopped this, too, The town wondered for a while, how they would live now, then it forgot to speculate about this just as later when the town learned that Hines went on foot about the county, holding revival services in negro churches, and that now and then negro women carrying what were obviously dishes of food would be seen entering from the rear the house where the couple lived, and emerging emptyhanded, it wondered about this for a time and then forgot it.

In time the town either forgot or condoned, because Hines was an old man and harmless, that which in a young man it would have crucified.

They held Hines, cursing, his old frail bones and his stringlike muscles for the time inherent with the fluid and supple fury of a weasel.

Between the two men Hines stood on his own legs now, muttering a little now as if he were waking from sleep.