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Answer for the clue "A severe affliction ", 7 letters:

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v. torment emotionally or mentally [syn: torture , excruciate , rack ] treat cruelly; "The children tormented the stuttering teacher" [syn: rag , bedevil , crucify , dun , frustrate ] subject to torture; "The sinners will be tormented in Hell, according ...

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Torment '' (Italian: Tormento '') is a 1950 Italian drama film directed by Raffaello Matarazzo and starring Amedeo Nazzari , Yvonne Sanson and Annibale Betrone . The film's sets were designed by Ottavio Scotti . It was part of a group of popular melodramas ...

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
c.1300, "inflict torture on, distress," from Old French tormenter "torture, torment, oppress, agitate" (12c.), from Medieval Latin tormentare "to torment, to twist," from Latin tormentum (see torment (n.)). Related: Tormented ; tormenting .

Usage examples of torment.

Once a handful of men, tormented beyond endurance, sprang up as a sign that they had had enough, but Thorneycroft, a man of huge physique, rushed forward to the advancing Boers.

His hot mouth and warm breath tormented her ear, and Amelle whimpered.

Emily flung her head back and studied him with tormented aquamarine eyes.

I looked down at Bolivar, who was trying to choke himself to death on the lead, torn between conflicting desires to torment the armadillo and get out on the street.

The disciples of the Baptist who lodged there would not see his torment.

He could feel sorry for any man tormented and bedeviled by a woman, though he could not see their foolishness in letting themselves be drawn to such ends by a simple wench.

Lote-Tree are sharing with us the pangs of this bereavement, this direst of torments, and are partners in anguish of those who suffer here.

I should not be able to sleep, but would be tormented all night by innumerable mental mosquitoes if I made the attempt, and bethinking me of my former resolution, I proceeded to carry it out.

They usually blundered around in the area between the fences until the early morning sun or an SO-17 flame-thrower reduced their lifeless husk to a cinder, and released the tormented soul to make its way through eternity in peace.

Library in Vienna will receive back the original botchy, tormented note-pages which Beethoven with murderous labor and pain copied from the last printed edition of the score.

He squeezed the arms of his cathedra so tightly in his powerful hands that three pieces of inlay popped out of the tormented wood to clatter down upon the floor, completely unnoticed.

The cloacal climate would have been affliction enough, but it bred various other torments, chief among them the jungle vermin.

I knew she had recognized me, and the thought that I could not carry the masquerade beyond a certain point was a veritable torment to me.

Marcoline, who was much more sensible, did what she could to console me, but I liked to torment myself, and her words did but increase my despair.

He was the lover of Colonna, the singer, but their affection seemed to me a torment, for they could scarce live together in peace for a single day.