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Answer for the clue "Something that serves as evidence", 9 letters:

Alternative clues for the word testimony

An assertion offering firsthand authentication of a fact

A solemn statement made under oath

Word definitions for testimony in dictionaries

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES expert evidence/testimony ▪ Two doctors were called to give expert testimony at the inquiry. eyewitness account/report/testimony ▪ According to eyewitness accounts, soldiers opened fire on the crowd. the statement/testimony...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Testimony \Tes"ti*mo*ny\, v. t. To witness; to attest; to prove by testimony. [Obs.] --Shak.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. (context legal English) statements made by a witness in court.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
c.1400, "proof or demonstration of some fact, evidence, piece of evidence;" early 15c., "legal testimony, sworn statement of a witness," from Old North French testimonie (Old French testimoine 11c.), from Latin testimonium "evidence, proof, witness, attestation,"...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a solemn statement made under oath an assertion offering firsthand authentication of a fact; "according to his own testimony he can't do it" something that serves as evidence; "his effort was testimony to his devotion" [syn: testimonial ]

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
In law and in religion , testimony is a solemn attestation as to the truth of a matter.

Usage examples of testimony.

Questions were raised as to the adequacy of safety precautions taken by the City, but after expert testimony by City engineer Gordon Perkins these were dismissed.

The Managers of the House objected to the admission of the testimony and the question of its admissibility was argued at length by General Butler, by Judge Curtis, and by Mr.

Otto von Meissner, chief of the Presidential Chancellery, and Goering, who had accompanied Hitler, were the only witnesses to the conversation, and though Meissner is not a completely dependable source, his affidavit at Nuremberg is the only firsthand testimony in existence of what followed.

When it was over and Thure and Bud again gave their attention to the court, Bill Ugger was about to continue with his testimony, the majority of the crowd having shown themselves so plainly in sympathy with the actions of the alcalde that the rougher ones evidently thought it wise to keep quiet.

That this change had taken place despite the trauma of the alembic was eloquent testimony to his strength of spirit and the incomprehensible workings of the human mind.

It is not, however, my design to speak much anent my own affairs, which would be a very improper and uncomely thing, but only of what happened in the parish, this book being for a witness and testimony of my ministry.

Nothing but the purely apocryphal speculation that the dead barber might have threatened Angelo with his razor and that the witnesses might possibly have drawn somewhat upon their imaginations in giving the details of their testimony.

But the apocryphal fable is nonetheless eloquent testimony to the gathering suspicion and hatred directed at the court, which, along with officials in Paris, was held responsible for the plight of the common people.

On the other hand, where a State Supreme Court reversed a trial court and entered a final judgment for the defendant, a plaintiff who had never had an opportunity to introduce evidence in rebuttal to certain testimony which the trial court deemed immaterial but which the appellate court considered material, was held to have been deprived of his rights without due process of law.

American Socialists thus share the responsibility of their European comrades, the Revolutionists of our own country will now come forward with more than enough testimony to prove that they are just as guilty as their foreign comrades of propagating atheistic and anti-religious doctrines.

Yes, those Bulls of the popes are an irrefragable testimony that auricular confession is the most powerful invention of the devil to corrupt the heart, pollute the body, and damn the soul of the priest and his female penitent!

Let us hear the testimony of another living and unimpeachable witness about this peace of the soul, before, during, and after auricular confession.

Professing no repentance, glorying apparently in the crime they had committed, avowing still, as the uncontradicted testimony of Mr.

Facing the Duomo is the baptistery, which at first served as a church, a sort of octagonal temple surmounted by a cupola, built, doubtless, after the model of the Pantheon of Rome, and which, according to the testimony of a contemporary bishop, already in the eighth century projected upward the pompous rotundities of its imperial forms.

But when Christ had been baptized, He was made sufficiently manifest, both by the testimony of John and by the dove coming down upon Him, and again by the voice of the Father bearing witness to Him.