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Answer for the clue "A farm building for housing horses or other livestock ", 6 letters:

Alternative clues for the word stalls

Usage examples of stalls.

She found Ben in one of the foaling stalls, doctoring a minor cut on the foreleg of a young stud colt.

The area was large and roomy, nearly twice the size of the box stalls at River Bend.

A short partition in the middle divided one side into two open, double stalls complete with mangers and feed troughs.

More than a dozen prospective buyers were scattered along the wide corridor, surveying the horses in the stalls, when Rachel entered.

The stalls have already been reserved, the entry fees have been paid, and a hauler has already been lined up to take them there.

The first two days of the show were hectic ones, getting the horses settled in, clipped, and groomed, with more exhibiters arriving all the time, florists delivering huge potted plants to various stables to aid in the transformation of common stalls into showcases, and car penters and electricians swarming all over the place like so many flies in a barn.

No matter where Abbie went, she was there: in the stands, on the showgrounds, or at the elaborately decorated stalls of the major horse breeders.

As they approached the iron grate of one of the stalls, a mare the color of silver lifted her head and blew softly, her large, luminous dark eyes gazing at them curiously.

The long exhibition hall was lined with lavish showcase stalls the entire length of the building on both sides.

Each farm represented had rented three, four, or more stalls, only one of which was used for the stallion on show.

Horse trailers, stalls, lunging at the end of a rope, and being paraded around an arena with people all around him whistling and shouting.

Horses stood with their heads hanging over the stalls, swishing their tails or stomping their feet at buzzing flies, munching on hay or banging their water buckets.

As MacCrea came strolling leisurely past the row of stalls toward them, Abbie felt the quick knocking of her heart against her ribs.

Alex appeared, moving slowly down the wide aisle between the box stalls, cautiously looking to the right and left.

George clean the stalls and feed and water Symbol, the Queen and the colt.