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Answer for the clue "The state or quality of being recognized or acknowledged ", 11 letters:

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Recognition is the process in some jurisdictions whereby a man is recognised as the father of a child in situations where there is no presumption of paternity , generally due to the mother being unwed. Historically due to the Roman law principle of Mater ...

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Recognition \Rec`og*ni"tion\ (r[e^]k`[o^]g*n[i^]sh"[u^]n), n. The act of recognizing, or the state of being recognized; acknowledgment; formal avowal; knowledge confessed or avowed; notice. The lives of such saints had, at the time of their yearly memorials, ...

Usage examples of recognition.

Lydia still had not looked at Ambry except for that first startled moment of recognition.

True, her mature writing was more directly influenced by close friendships with historians such as Mignet and Thierry, yet she always retained an appreciative recognition of how Lafayette had helped her reconstruct her life in France.

Both Digby and I were preoccupied and did not converse much, yet there was a kind of harmony in our silence, and I had felt the faintest inkling of a distaste for Britten Street and a recognition that honourable behaviour does impress one and convince one of its validity.

His unburnable possessions were melted beyond recognition before joining the bone balls, and drifted down through the water to the accompaniment of piscine burps and belches.

All I had in my hand was a bunch of busted metal and broken wheels and springs, bent and smashed plumb beyond recognition.

The Recognitions and Homilies, in the form in which we have them, do not belong to the second century, but at the very earliest to the first half of the third.

He prided himself on the recognition and appreciation of beauty whether it be in horseflesh or poetry or women.

XVII WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY ESTABLISHED Marconi Goes to England--he Confounds the Skeptics--A Message to France Without Wires--The Attempt to Span the Ocean--Marconi in America Receives the First Message from Europe--Fame and Recognition Achieved.

Along the walls were glass and mirrory surfaces that reflected random images, distorting their shapes out of recognition, and Kerwin saw himself, a lean streak of black uniform topped with a brief crimson flame of hair.

Will is to be taken in its strict sense, and not misapplied to the mere recognition of need.

States Navy, was dismissed from the service under a misapprehension in regard to his loyalty to the Government, from the circumstance that several oaths were transmitted to him and the Navy Department failed to receive any recognition of them.

In short, the paradigm shift is defined, at least initially, by the recognition that only an established power, overdetermined with respect to and relatively autonomous from the sovereign nation-states, is capable of functioning as the center of the new world order, exercising over it an effective regulation and, when necessary, coercion.

If she had reached out with her percipience, she would have felt a shock of recognition and eagerness galvanize the Ranyhyn.

Claribel had gone a good deal pinker than she already was by reason of her haste and his gaze paused momentarily at her astonished face and then swept on without any sign of recognition.

Rebecca Mary was a Plummer too, but she did not think of that, unless the unswerving determination in her stout little heart was the unconscious recognition of it.