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Answer for the clue "Gather or bring together ", 8 letters:

Alternative clues for the word rallying

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n. The act of one who rallies. vb. (present participle of rally English)

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adj. rousing or recalling to unity and renewed effort; "a rallying cry"

Usage examples of rallying.

It took the murder of my son and an extraordinary rallying effort to make people fight back against the thinking machines, after so many centuries of apathy and lack of initiative.

He prepared a ringing speech that the Army Commander in Chief was to read, rallying the senior generals behind him in a common insistence that there be no Nazi adventures leading to armed conflict.

Chamberlain occupied himself with rallying his cabinet and the French to his policy of surrender, was a busy one for Hitler and his generals.

But on that day, although German agents on the Spanish side of Gibraltar had reported seeing a great Anglo-American fleet gathering there, Hitler was too busy rallying Rommel at El Alamein to bother with what appeared to him to be merely another convoy for Malta.

Tory campaign slogan - became something of a non-partisan rallying cry.

There have been some skirmishes, but nothing of any note, for the people have no rallying call denouncing this treacherous usurper.

The old master nodded his agreement and ran off, rallying the brothers and the peasants against the unexpected devastation, making sure that the sunstone shields were being emblazed all across the battle zone.

Tours is incapable of rallying the unoccupied parts of France to the support of our new republic.

Sharpe saw a big moustached sergeant working his way back through the ranks and rallying the men as he came.

From then on, he could always use Ix as a rallying cry for even more major offensives, as he had done with Poritrin.

Grand Patriarch took great pleasure in rallying the people to a heightened, rabid level of vengeance.

Bond Sharpe longed to seat himself on the throne, with the prettiest women in London for his court, and all his fashionable friends rallying round their sovereign.

At this moment General Clinton crossed Charles River with a number of resolute officers, and having succeeded in rallying the fugitives he made them re-ascend the hill, and join in a general charge made on the Americans, with fixed bayonets.

Austrians rallying, he was repulsed in his turn, with the loss of seven hundred men.

This was necessary, for the King was the rallying point and inspiration, and when he charged forward with the cream of his forces serving as his bodyguard, the rest of the army would follow in excitement and achieve the necessary breakthrough.