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Answer for the clue "(trademark) a light transparent weather resistant thermoplastic ", 9 letters:

Alternative clues for the word plexiglas

Usage examples of plexiglas.

He noted the perfectly ordinary bath, the trim Amazon with a ring in her nose holding the lid-sized sheet of Plexiglas, the circle of hushed expectancy, his own emotions on a muddled spin, impossible to disentangle the slightest guide to the truth of the moment.

The slim needles slapped into the resilient Plexiglas, becoming solidly embedded in the clear plastic.

Walking slowly along the main hallway, Ryan passed a guard station with a pile of loose clothing and bones behind a waist-high Plexiglas barrier.

Krysty triggered another burst from her M-16 into the Plexiglas wall, the slugs slapping into the soft material and staying there.

Stopping before the sealed-off alcove, they stared at the Plexiglas shield.

Reaper through the slot in the armored Plexiglas of the security post, four hugh tractors wheeled through the main highway entrance to the lot.

A tubular Plexiglas cover was lowered over him and needle jets of warm water hosed him down from all sides.

The area under the Plexiglas was dominated by a smoke-gray plastic block that could have been the coffin of a giant.

A sound seemed to reach me, murderously well regulated, as of sheets of paper sliding out of a Plexiglas machine.

Roberta stared through a thick Plexiglas screen at a huge concrete cylinder, roughly a hundred feet in diameter.

He glanced out the wide Plexiglas window at the huge concrete silo housing the reaction chamber itself and shuddered accordingly.