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Answer for the clue "A vote by the electorate determining public opinion on a question of national importance ", 10 letters:

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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun EXAMPLES FROM CORPUS ▪ Even after he stepped down in 1990 following a plebiscite rejecting his rule, his spell still hung over the nation. ▪ Every week a plebiscite of sorts is held to determine which programs are popular and which are not. ▪ If this...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Plebiscite \Pleb"i*scite\, n. [F. pl['e]biscite, fr. L. plebiscitum.] A vote by universal male suffrage; especially, in France, a popular vote, as first sanctioned by the National Constitution of 1791. [Written also plebiscit .] Plebiscite we have...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. A referendum, especially one that concerns changes in sovereignty

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
"direct vote of the people," 1860 (originally in reference to Italian unification), from French plébiscite (1776 in modern sense, originally with reference to Switzerland), from Latin plebiscitum "a decree or resolution of the people," from plebs (genitive...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a vote by the electorate determining public opinion on a question of national importance

Usage examples of plebiscite.

It restored Alsace-Lorraine to France, a parcel of territory to Belgium, a similar parcel in Schleswig to Denmark - after a plebiscite - which Bismarck had taken from the Danes in the previous century after defeating them in war.

It will appoint three of the five members of the Saar commission, oversee its regime, and carry out the plebiscite.

The question was to be settled by a plebiscite of the people, in accordance with the Weimar Constitution, Strasser and Goebbels proposed that the Nazi Party jump into the fray with the Communists and the Socialists and support the campaign to expropriate the nobles.

Marcus Crassus in the curule chairs, restoration of the tribunate of the plebs and an exculpatory plebiscite, followed by another plebiscite to give land to the men of both armies.

Plebs took to defend the sacrosanctity or inviolability of its elected tribunes, and in their right to exercise a veto against the actions of fellow tribunes of the plebs, or anyor allother magistrates, or the holding of an election, or the passing of a law or plebiscite, or decrees of the Senate, even in war and foreign affairs.

The Reich Germans, Hitler announced on March 18, were also to have a plebiscite on the Anschluss, along with new elections to the Reichstag.

It gave back to the Poles the lands, some of them only after a plebiscite, which the Germans had taken during the partition of Poland.

Christian Socials would have had freedom to campaign openly the plebiscite, in my opinion, might have been close.

Berlin, the Polish government on September 21 demanded of the Czechs a plebiscite in the Teschen district, where there was a large Polish minority, and moved troops to the frontier of the area.

Plebs, that nucleus which never missed a meeting and could recite whole memorable speeches by heart, not to mention detail plebiscites of note going back a generation at least.

Plebeian Assembly, and within no time flat, two plebiscites were tabled.

There will be no decrees or plebiscites or laws upset because I am not consul!

To give their brutalities the semblance of right, they improvise two pompous demonstrations, first, the sudden manufacture of a paper constitution, which molders away in their archives, and next, the scandalous farce of a hollow and compulsory plebiscite.

Worse, she's probably realized that even if she could opt out on behalf of the Split System, despite the plebiscite vote-which would be political suicide for her personally, at a bare minimum-Split would simply find itself encysted within the Star Kingdom once the rest of the Cluster joined it.

As you all know, following the plebiscite vote, it was decided by Parliament that the delegation to the Constitutional Convention on Flax should be headed by our own head of state.