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Word definitions for panegyric in dictionaries

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun EXAMPLES FROM CORPUS ▪ Directly hooked on to this, often expressed in the same sentence, was a long and, hard-dying panegyric for the past. ▪ In addition, Fortunatus's panegyrics are a revival, if not a continuation, of the form in which Sidonius had...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Panegyric \Pan`e*gyr"ic\, n. [L. panegyricus, Gr. panhgyrico`s: cf. F. pan['e]gyrique. See Panegyric , a.] An oration or eulogy in praise of some person or achievement; a formal or elaborate encomium; a laudatory discourse; laudation. See Synonym of...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. A formal speech or opus publicly praising someone or something.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
"eulogy, laudation," c.1600, from French panégyrique (1510s), from Latin panegyricus "public eulogy," originally an adjective, "for a public festival," from Greek panegyrikos (logos) "(a speech) given in a public assembly," from panegyris "public assembly...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
adj. formally expressing praise [syn: encomiastic , eulogistic , panegyrical ]

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
A panegyric is a formal public speech , or (in later use) written verse, delivered in high praise of a person or thing , a generally highly studied and undiscriminating eulogy , not expected to be critical.

Usage examples of panegyric.

Even the tenderness of panegyric, confessing that the glory of the emperor was sullied by the disobedience of his soldiers, chooses to draw a veil over the circumstances of this melancholy retreat.

There remains, however, one panegyric far removed beyond the suspicion of flattery.

From such a concurrence, an impartial historian, who is obliged to extract truth from satire, as well as from panegyric, will be inclined to divide the blame among the princes whom they accuse, and to ascribe their exactions much less to their personal vices, than to the uniform system of their administration.

Constans visited his British dominions: but we may form some estimate of the importance of his achievements, by the language of panegyric, which celebrates only his triumph over the elements or, in other words, the good fortune of a safe and easy passage from the port of Boulogne to the harbor of Sandwich.

The truth of history may disclaim some parts of this panegyric, which cannot strictly be reconciled with the character of Valens, or the circumstances of the battle: but the fairest commendation is due to the eloquence, and still more to the generosity, of the sophist of Antioch.

Theodosius, we are reduced to illustrate the partial narrative of Zosimus, by the obscure hints of fragments and chronicles, by the figurative style of poetry or panegyric, and by the precarious assistance of the ecclesiastical writers, who, in the heat of religious faction, are apt to despise the profane virtues of sincerity and moderation.

Consulship, upon which occasion the proud and happy father pronounced a panegyric upon Theodoric before the assembled Senate.

On reflection, however, he came to the conclusion that they were probably the work of Cassiodorus, and formed part of a panegyric addressed to Theodoric.

Cassiodorus pronounces his panegyric on Theodoric, and is rewarded by being appointed Quaestor.

Now if you leave it to posterity to write the panegyric on these men, you take away as it were from those who die an honourable death the funeral oration to which, by the customs of our ancestors, they are entitled.

As the historian chiefly insists on the siver plate, his panegyric on the English magnificence shows only how incompetent a judge he was of the matter.

He had then become a gambler, and here follows an extraordinary panegyric on the fatal passion for gambling.

His consternation returned with the advance of the two ancient clansmen who, after a guttural panegyric in Gaelic, offered him further symbols--a claymore and target, very formidable to behold.

Bonaparte was so singular a composition of good and bad that to describe him as he was under one or other of these aspects would serve for panegyric or satire without any departure from truth.

The reputation of this incomparable Poem is so thoroughly established in the world, that it would be superfluous, if not impertinent, to endeavour any panegyric upon it.