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Answer for the clue "A living (or once living) entity that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently ", 8 letters:

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In biology , an organism is any contiguous living system, such as an animal , plant , fungus , archaeon , or bacterium . All known types of organisms are capable of some degree of response to stimuli , reproduction , growth and development and homeostasis ...

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noun COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES the higher animals/mammals/organisms etc (= animals etc that are more intelligent or advanced than others ) COLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS ■ ADJECTIVE biological ▪ Modern societies are therefore institutionally differentiated, ...

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n. (context biology English) A discrete and complete living thing, such as animal, plant, fungus or microorganism.

Usage examples of organism.

Reason-Principle: in the same way what gives an organism a certain bulk is not itself a thing of magnitude but is Magnitude itself, the abstract Absolute, or the Reason-Principle.

Stoth priest, now fully confirmed and entered into his adeptship, went before the Mechanist Union with a proposal to distribute the drug, which retards deterioration of cell generations and extends the number of such replications per organism as well as conferring extensive immunities, throughout the thirty-seven nations.

But European possibilities still exist within Russia, because in certain strata of the population adherence to the great organism of the Western Culture is an instinct, an Idea, and no material force can ever wipe it out, even though it may be temporarily repressed and driven under.

That it could not be a native Aenean organism was proved by the glittery little red eyes, three of them in a triangle.

It conjured up a society so encrusted with anachronisms that only a shock of great violence could free the living organism within.

So we both alleged a state of utter repletion, and did not solve the mystery of the contents of the cupboard,--not too luxurious, it may be conjectured, and yet kindly offered, so that we felt there was a moist filament of the social instinct running like a nerve through that exsiccated and almost anhydrous organism.

BODY, An American scientist studying Archaeon marine organisms was killed yesterday when his one-man submersible became wedged in an undersea canyon of the Galapagos Rift.

The cells in the culture were Archaeons, bacterialike marine organisms collected from deep-sea thermal vents.

Conscious that the human organism, normally capable of sustaining an atmospheric pressure of 19 tons, when elevated to a considerable altitude in the terrestrial atmosphere suffered with arithmetical progression of intensity, according as the line of demarcation between troposphere and stratosphere was approximated from nasal hemorrhage, impeded respiration and vertigo, when proposing this problem for solution, he had conjectured as a working hypothesis which could not be proved impossible that a more adaptable and differently anatomically constructed race of beings might subsist otherwise under Martian, Mercurial, Veneral, Jovian, Saturnian, Neptunian or Uranian sufficient and equivalent conditions, though an apogean humanity of beings created in varying forms with finite differences resulting similar to the whole and to one another would probably there as here remain inalterably and inalienably attached to vanities, to vanities of vanities and to all that is vanity.

Nonetheless, with the evolution of planaria-like organisms appeared both the rudimentary forms of a nervous system and the basic behavioural building blocks out of which fully developed memory processes are eventually fashioned.

The title not only confirmed the centrality of the hippocampus to studies of animal learning, but was also symbolic of the conceptual shift amongst psychologists away from the crudities of behaviourism and simple associationism towards an understanding of animals, like humans, as cognitive organisms.

His specialized internal biota seem more closely related to the kinds of organisms one would be likely to encounter in the vicinity of the equator.

The alien biospheres that had produced that precious blend of breathable gases were inevitably hostile and poisonous to terrestrial organisms, some immediately fatal.

In simple terms, cladistics consists of organizing organisms on the basis of shared features.

Then they created the John Keats cybrid -- a full attempt at simulating an empathic organism with the body and DNA of a human being, and the Core-stored memories and personality of a cybrid.