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Answer for the clue "A storehouse (as a compartment on a warship) where weapons and ammunition are stored ", 8 letters:

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Magazine is the third studio album by the American hard rock band Heart . It has an unusual history in that the first release in 1977 was an unfinished version not authorized by the group. A second authorized version of the album was re-released in 1978. ...

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Population (2000): 915 Housing Units (2000): 394 Land area (2000): 1.664934 sq. miles (4.312159 sq. km) Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km) Total area (2000): 1.664934 sq. miles (4.312159 sq. km) FIPS code: 43310 Located within: Arkansas ...

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mag \mag\ n. Shortened form of magazine , the periodic paperback publication. [slang]

Usage examples of magazine.

Choosing to advertise in a particular newspaper or magazine is dictated by your overall budget as well as the cost per thousand.

British engineering magazine to describe a kind of aerofoil used in experiments.

The idea was that some of the most interesting tapes could be released on a cheap-label album, possibly monthly like a magazine.

Reply, and your amanuensis call me all those hard names which the magazines dislike so.

He had constructed andirons for the fireplace out of excess bomb parts and had filled them with stout silver logs, and he had framed with stained wood the photographs of girls with big breasts he had torn out of cheesecake magazines and hung over the mantelpiece.

I was appalled to discover what had happened, and even more so when I realized that I had tucked that print in the magazine myself.

The smoking flame started snaking back through the doors of the armoury into the passageway that led to the main powder magazine.

He had ascertained, through the medium of agents, that the Shah of Persia would, for a sum, of money paid in advance consent to the establishment of military magazines on certain points of his territory.

Justice, moreover, demands that we acknowledge the existence of a small minority of dues-paying members of the Socialist Party who neither attack religion nor tacitly approve of the atheistic propaganda carried on in the official Marxian press, as well as in the books, pamphlets and magazines on sale not only in the leading Socialist book-stores of America, but even at the National Office of the party in Chicago.

Even across five hundred yards, Batman could recognize the Soviet bloc weapon with its curved, thirty-round banana magazine.

Outlaw bikers and those who think like them are so numerous that several magazines cater to their tastes, biker Lifestyle is one of them.

One of the reasons Boucher gave for leaving the magazine was the hope of finding more time for his own writing.

Once, the British magazine Picture Post, now defunct, had run a photograph of Capa, and the headline above the caption had read, The Greatest War Photographer in the World.

A late-model Tolgren, 5mm prefragmented bullets, caseless ammunition and a 30-round horizontal cassette magazine above the barrel.

On the other hand, a writer in the Strand Magazine points out that an insurance investigator some years ago gathered a list of 225 centenarians of almost every social rank and many nationalities, but the majority of them Britons or Russians.