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Answer for the clue "A woman who is a native or inhabitant of Ireland ", 10 letters:

Alternative clues for the word irishwoman

Usage examples of irishwoman.

The amusing part in all this was that Sara, being an Irishwoman, had been born a Catholic, and had never ceased to be one.

In truth, it was all too easy to see the Irishwoman as a creature of myth.

That an illiterate Irishwoman with dirt beneath her nails had outsmarted him.

The fact that she was a low-class, deceitful Irishwoman caused Granger only minor worry.

A young Irishwoman called Nora Connolly was in New York in December and John Devoy introduced us.

The Irishwoman, poor stupid Kitty Fagan, who had no theory of human nature, saw her over the lean shoulders of the spinster, and, forgetting all differences of condition and questions of authority, rushed to her with a cry of maternal tenderness, and, with a tempest of passionate tears and kisses, bore her off to her own humble realm, where the little victorious martyr was fed from the best stores of the house, until there was as much danger from repletion as there had been from famine.

It was the Irishwoman, Kitty Fagan, huddled together in such amorphous guise, that she looked as if she had been fitted in a tempest of petticoats and a whirlwind of old shawls, who presented herself at the door.

The Irishwoman looked at her for a moment to assure herself that it was the girl she loved, and not her ghost.

September 11, 1813, which purported to be from Colonel Fossett of Vermont to General MacComb, advising him of massive reinforcements on the way to aid him against the Canadian General Prevost in the Battle of Plattsburg: it was entrusted to an Irishwoman of Cumberland Head whom the U.

Eastwood was a tyrant, but his two Creole cooks were wonderfully nice men, and Emma, the plump Irishwoman who ran the kitchen, had a way with her that somehow made working tolerable.

They had lunch at a four-stool lunch counter where the proprietor was a striking Irishwoman with stunning green eyes and a massive spill of red hair and who, like everyone, it seemed, knew Cielle and knew who Nate was.

In truth I think the thought of returning with a barbarian Irishwoman for a wife embarrassed me.

Edna had elected to be an old Irishwoman singing broken-heartedly after her wandering boy.

Madame Goudar, when I saw the fair Irishwoman come in with Count Medini.

An Irishwoman by birth, she said that she had gone to America when she was fifteen years old.