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Answer for the clue "Very spiny and dense evergreen shrub with fragrant golden-yellow flowers ", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word gorse

Usage examples of gorse.

Hearty yellow-flowered gorse poked through those sweeping fans as though caring little for the prerogatives of royalty, and rosebay crept up the border of the planting in low growing mats.

The night was still ensnared there on the gorse bushes grey with cobwebs and starry dewdrops.

The winds whistle through gorse and heather before they move across the patchwork of fields and drystone walls which creep up the Burren hillsides.

I imagined the moors of Yorkshire when the Roman engineers first arrived: the heather and gorse, the pheasant, grouse and harebells flattened by the road builders who lay down a straight arrow of crushed stone in a straight path that sliced from one camp to another, the stonemasons following with the carefully cut limestone blocks, building so well that even today if you walk up to Goathland you can see a line in the turf stretching to the horizon, where nothing bigger than buttercups and daisies grow.

Though I trust that I am not lacking in chivalry, nevertheless I am in no mood for the effusions of feminine gratitude and therefore, with your permission, we will take this bypath behind the gorse bushes.

As concisely as possible Dorne told the pathologist about the Gorse mausoleum, what he had seen outside and in.

If any one had gone round the fields on old May-day, the 13th, _his_ May-day, they might have found the deep blue bird's-eye veronica, anemones, star-like stitchworts, cowslips, buttercups, lesser celandine, daisies, white blackthorn, and gorse in bloom--in short, a list enough to make a page bright with colour, though the wind might be bitter.

The woods, the open stretches of heather and yellow gorse, the clumps of Scotch firs, the shining ponds with their overhanging birch trees, their water lilies, their beds of rushes–these were beautiful and, to an eye accustomed to the aridities of the American desert, astonishing.

And it's hey for a game where the gorse blossoms flame, And the bracken is bronzing to brown.

Then through the broomy bound with ease they pass, And press the sandy sheep-walk’s slender grass, Where dwarfish flowers among the gorse are spread, And the lamb browses by the linnet’s bed.

Their flanks were gray-green or purplish with gorse, and in the higher regions, clumps of buckbrush and nettleme grew.

It seemed to Imrhien that the living stave began to sprout with unnerving swiftness—that toothed briars, sharp nettles, and gorses budded and whipped out from its rind, tangling tentacles, weaving in and out betwixt walls and street, growing higher until within a few blinks of the eye they had formed a shadowy trellis of thorns.

There were small buzzings in the gorse bush nearby, of bees working the vellow flowers, clustvxith pollen.

There were small buzzings in the gorse bush nearby, of bees working the vellow flowers, clustvxith pollen.

Golden gorse and purple heather nestle in the fissures of the caverned granite cliffs.