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Answer for the clue "An encapsulated neural structure consisting of a collection of cell bodies or neurons ", 8 letters:

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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun COLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS ■ NOUN cell ▪ In plexuses with amyloid deposits, some residual ganglion cells showed degenerative changes. ▪ Messages from thousands of photoreceptors are funneled into each ganglion cell , except some cancel out the actions...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Ganglion \Gan"gli*on\, n.; pl. L. Ganglia , E. Ganglions . [L. ganglion a sort of swelling or excrescence, a tumor under the skin, Gr. ?: cf. F. ganglion.] (Anat.) A mass or knot of nervous matter, including nerve cells, usually forming an enlargement in...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 (context neuroanatomy English) 2 # An encapsulated collection of nerve-cell bodies, located outside the brain and spinal cord. 3 # Any of certain masses of gray matter in the brain, as the basal ganglia.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
1680s, "tumor, swelling;" 1732 as "bundle of nerves," from Greek ganglion "tumor under the skin," used by Galen for "nerve bundle;" of unknown origin. According to Galen, the proper sense of the word was "anything gathered into a ball."

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. an encapsulated neural structure consisting of a collection of cell bodies or neurons [also: ganglia (pl)]

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
In anatomy , a ganglion ( ; plural ganglia ) is a nerve cell cluster or a group of nerve cell bodies located in the autonomic nervous system . Ganglia house the cell bodies of afferent nerves .

Usage examples of ganglion.

It has a seemingly simple and limited behavioural repertoire, including various forms of learning, while its relatively easily mapped central nervous system contains only a small number of cells - no more than 20,000 neurons in all, arranged in a system of distributed ganglia and including amongst them a population of very large cells which can be recognized easily and reproducibly from animal to animal.

The most recent entries centered particularly on the cauda equina, the ganglion of nerves at the base of the spine.

And to think it all started with a single material: the neuronal membrane of the cauda equina, the divergent sheaf of spinal ganglia with the longest nerve roots of all.

The chamber was acrawl with cavernicolous life: in the shallow pools lived crayfish and salamanders, whose optic ganglia had atrophied.

There was a moment of disorientation as she interpreted the picture being fed along the optical fibre plugged into her coccyx ganglion splice.

He also saw that on microscopic section there had been evidence of histologic damage to the nerve cells of the dorsal root ganglia as well as to the cardiac muscle.

And I will cheerfully expose myself to any impertinent remark which it might suggest, to assure my audience that I never heard or saw one authentic Homoeopathic name of any country in Europe, which I had ever heard mentioned before as connected with medical science by a single word or deed sufficient to make it in any degree familiar to my ears, unless Arnold of Heidelberg is the anatomist who discovered a little nervous centre, called the otic ganglion.

The filaments of the pneumogastric nerve originate in the ganglia of these parts.

The ganglia situated over the esophagus of insects correspond to the medulla oblongata in man, in which originate the spinal accessory, glosso-pharyngeal, and pneumogastric nerves.

In San Diego, researchers are uploading lobsters into cyberspace, starting with the stomatogastric ganglion, one neuron at a time.

An extraterrestrial embryologist, having a close look at us from time to time, would probably conclude that the morphogenesis of the earth is coming along well, with the beginnings of a nervous system and fair-sized ganglions in the form of cities, and now with specialized, dish-shaped sensory organs, miles across, ready to receive stimuli.

For instance, the morphologists Mary Chen and Craig Bailey have spent several years studying and measuring the synapses of the Aplysia abdominal ganglion.

These two sets of visceral fibers, the preganglionic and the postganglionic, taken together with the ganglia themselves, make up that portion of the nervous system which is autonomous or, not under the control of the will.

In some cases, the ganglia separating the preganglionic fibers from the postganglionic fibers are actually located within the organ the nerve is servicing.

A mongrel of whale-shark distended by biothaumaturgy to be cathedral-sized, varicellate shelled, metal pipework thicker than a man in ganglia protuberant like prolapsed veins, boat-sized fins swinging on oiled hinges, a dorsal row of chimneys smoking whitely.