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Answer for the clue "The number of occurrences within a given time period (usually 1 second) ", 9 letters:

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Frequency ( frq ) is a gene that encodes the frequency protein (FRQ) found in the '' Neurospora crassa ''circadian clock. FRQ plays a key role in the auto regulatory transcription-translation negative feedback-loop (TTFL) , which generates daily rhythms ...

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun COLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS ■ ADJECTIVE angular ▪ Here is the wavelength and is the angular frequency of the wave. constant ▪ The sequence generator produces the phase control signals and is triggered by step command pulses from a constant frequency clock. ...

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
1550s, "state of being crowded" (now obsolete); 1640s, "fact of occurring often;" from Latin frequentia "an assembling in great numbers, a crowding; crowd, multitude, throng," from frequentem (see frequent ). Sense in physics, "rate of recurrence," especially ...

Usage examples of frequency.

If an advertiser commits to a plan, it receives a certain frequency for a reduced cost.

Frequency: the number of times the target market has the opportunity to witness your advertising message during a defined period of time.

Morris reached inside his vest to his radio and switched frequencies so that he was on the channel that Stinky was using back in the aft escape trunk.

Without the interfering strands hanging in her eyes she was better able to see to her task and her fingers moved with agile speed and efficiency even though the blood continued to ooze, though with much less frequency as the wound was stitched closed.

As, however, the sexton with growing frequency overslept himself, the Archdeacon preferred to keep the key of the church himself, and it was with this in his hand that he came to the west door about half-past six the next morning.

He spoke of these things to Susan Bates with such an increasing frequency and insistency as almost to transfer the rack of them from his own brain to hers.

There is a major spike in the lower frequencies, almost like the power absorption curve of a biaxial shield generator.

The solution, requiring more research and development, is likely to combine radio frequency technology with biometric identifiers.

The detective called downtown and had all transmissions about the Conjurer case changed to the citywide special-ops frequency.

We could match the vision of the eyes and the frequency response of the hearing receptors so that the cybernaut participants could move through the environment with the same senses as a Chtorran-but n was the other relationships that mattered.

By the time I reached my doss, the frequency of the depressive episodes had decreased, and their impact had abated drastically.

Finally he reached the point of adjusting the etalon, meticulous work wherein the plates had to be aligned just right to select the frequencies required.

Send Sergeant Major Gabbard an encrypted e-mail with a complete list of what s aboard so that I know what comms and frequencies to set up for the mission.

With perceptions attuned to the radio and microwave frequencies, they had before long turned groups of branch inds into radio telescope chains, piercing the heavy atmosphere and probing the universe in great detail, especially the very active center of the young galaxy.

And if you wish to have a very convincing illustration of the psychological inefficacy of legal threats, you have but to think of that curious crime which has now assumed a frequency never known to former centuries, namely the making of counterfeit money.