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Answer for the clue "Includes some that cause destructive heartrot in trees ", 5 letters:

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The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Fomes \Fo"mes\ (f[=o]"m[=e]z), n.; pl. Fomites (f[o^]m"[i^]*t[=e]z). [L. fomes, -itis, touch-wood, tinder.] (Med.) Any substance supposed to be capable of absorbing, retaining, and transporting contagious or infectious germs; as, woolen clothes are said...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. (context medicine obsolete English) Any substance supposed to be capable of absorbing, retaining, and transporting contagious or infectious germs.

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Fomes is a genus of perennial woody fungi in the family Polyporaceae . Species are typically hoof-shaped (ungulate). New growth each season is added to the margin, resulting in a downward extension of the hymenium . This often results in a zonate appearance...

Usage examples of fomes.

Whether in virtue of this sanctification the fomes of sin was entirely taken away from her?

Therefore it was unfitting that the fomes should be entirely taken away from her.

For some have held that the fomes was entirely taken away in that sanctification whereby the Blessed Virgin was sanctified in the womb.

In order to understand the question at issue, it must be observed that the fomes is nothing but a certain inordinate, but habitual, concupiscence of the sensitive appetite, for actual concupiscence is a sinful motion.

Consequently it is essential to the fomes to incline to evil, or hinder from good.

Wherefore to say that the fomes was in the Blessed Virgin without an inclination to evil, is to combine two contradictory statements.

In like manner it seems to imply a contradiction to say that the fomes remained as to the corruption of nature, but not as to the personal corruption.

Now lust implies inordinate concupiscence, not entirely subject to reason: and therefore, if the fomes were entirely taken away as to personal corruption, it could not remain as to the corruption of nature.

It remains, therefore, for us to say, either that the fomes was entirely taken away from her by her first sanctification or that it was fettered.

Now after baptism man needs to pray continually, in order to enter heaven: for though sins are remitted through baptism, there still remain the fomes of sin assailing us from within, and the world and the devils assailing us from without.

But the lessening of the fomes, which is the law of sin, is set down as an effect not of this sacrament, but rather of Baptism.

I will also be culturing equipment, bedding, and other fomites in the ICU.

Culturing of fomites and equipment from the Critical Room and the ICU was continuing but without significant results.

None of those ridiculous old-wife nostrums of yours, signora, could have prevented the fomites and miasms of corruption from getting into the wounds.

Our young people who go to study abroad get infected with those radical notions, and come home carrying the fomites of that disease.