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Answer for the clue "The chief one of a related group ", 8 letters:

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n. 1 In a maritime fleet, the ship occupied by the fleet's commander (usually an admiral); it denotes this by flying his flag. 2 The most important one out of a related group.

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The term flagship refers to a representative or first unit of a fleet or other group. Flagship may also refer to: Flagship (broadcasting) , the originating broadcast for a broadcast network, radio show, or TV show, primarily in the United States and Canada ...

Usage examples of flagship.

Samorset was holding his reserve forces around the flagship to handle a breakout anywhere along the line.

Akagi, the sleek aircraft carrier flagship of Admiral Nagumo, headed westward through Kudako Strait, cruising easily at 16 knots on her course toward Bungo Channel and the broad Pacific.

After an accident to his flagship caused by a Chian ship, King Mithridates VI of Pontus ever after harbored a huge grudge against Chios and Chians.

The tiny color-coded icons representing the staggered flights of Dazzlers moved slowly, even at their incredible acceleration, on such a tiny display, and she glanced at the flagship again.

The other dreadnought was still not firing on them, probably for fear of striking the Naren flagship.

That place was No-Place just as the face referred to in the Koan that hung in the Flagship was No-Face and the state of mind necessary to Enlightenment was No-Mind.

The telephone cable linking the flagship with the shore hummed with a constant stream of messages as the Fleet Headquarters maintained close liaison with the Naval General Staff in Tokyo and made arrangements with the Kure Naval Base for ship repairs, maintenance and supply.

Final Preparations After the conclusion of the war games and staff conferences on board Yamato during the first week of May, the flagship weighed anchor and proceeded from Hashirajima to Kure in order to load supplies and effect minor repairs.

On the bridge of the Armada flagship, proud and stony Segundo Xavier Harkonnen stood in full dress uniform, studying the peaceful-looking planet.

The flagship bore down upon us, and as she swung gracefully to and touched our side a dozen officers sprang upon our decks.

As an accommodation to both the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant, Poinard had retained his honorific as captain of the flagship, while Sutel had been designated task force commander.

The flagship ballista and the accompanying human warships closed in on their fateful confrontation, reaching the line that would trigger the senseless slaughter of millions of humans inside the Bridge.

Atmosphere vented like rocket exhaust, sending the flagship ballista careening off course.

Scarcely had his tiny flier come to rest upon the broad landing-deck of the flagship ere he was bounding up the stairway to the deck where we stood.

Without waiting for a signal from the flagship, Proteas son of Andronicus, whose quinquireme was on the left of the Macedonian line, ordered his drummers to sound the battle cadence.