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Feeding is the process of ingesting food to provide for an animal's nutritional needs. Feeding may also refer to: The Feeding , a 2006 horror film The Feeding (album) , a 2005 alternative metal album Feeding order , a relation between rules in linguistics ...

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Feed \Feed\ (f[=e]d), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Fed (f[e^]d); p. pr. & vb. n. Feeding .] [AS. f[=e]dan, fr. f[=o]da food; akin to OS. f[=o]dian, OFries. f[=e]da, f[=o]da, D. voeden, OHG. fuottan, Icel. f[ae eth]a, Sw. f["o]da, Dan. f["o]de. To give food to; to ...

Usage examples of feeding.

They saw every one round them sharing the same lot, enduring the same hardships, feeding on the same aliments, arrayed in the same rude garments.

The pheasant, partridge too, I believe, has the habit of feeding on mountain laurel which produces high levels of the poison andromedotoxin in its flesh.

Even when you do mow it, the dandelion roots are still there and ready to do the whole thing all over again --examples of the kind of angiosperm that evolved to survive heavy low feeding.

The division of food into azotized and non-azotized is no doubt important, but the attempt to show that the first only is plastic or nutritive, while the second is simply calorifacient, or heat-producing, fails entirely in the face of the facts revealed by the study of man in different climates, and of numerous experiments in the feeding of animals.

Pediatricians and child development experts advised parents at that time to keep babies on strict schedLoving Your Baby 21 ules of feeding and sleeping.

Once feeding is going smoothly, many mothers feel in tune with their babies, anticipating their hunger needs instinctively.

Some babies are so sleepy during their first weeks of life that a feeding tires them out and they will fall asleep midway, more content to snooze than to eat.

Other babies resist the nestle-in-your-arms, rock-a-bye- baby position of feeding.

Rarely does it occur to Bev that she has no good reason to compete with a woman Jay fantasizes about chopping up and feeding to the alligators and crawfish in the bayou outside their door.

Time was, Vanda had been the main base solely for Space Recon and the giant corporate enterprises feeding on it: Biotime, Timeco, Alpha One, those gallant companies of exploration, mining the galaxy for biota, bringing home the green.

Generally, however, by the time he got his camera set up and everything ready, the bucker was feeding placidly and the excitement was over.

Kashet and Ari to come back from their second patrol, so it was on to the next round, feeding Kashet, buffing and oiling him, then giving Coresan the same treatment, and that fourth little meal that would hold her overnight until late morning.

They were probably in local control and feeding only from the capacitor rings, but they struck back with the defiant gallantry of despair.

And by the end of the day, Ceese felt like an expert at diaper changing and baby feeding.

Till she said it, Ceese never would have thought of feeding any to a baby, but after the warning, it was the only thing he could think of.