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Answer for the clue "A person who tries to please or amuse ", 11 letters:

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Word definitions for entertainer in dictionaries

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 A person who entertains others, esp. as a profession, as a singer, dancer, musician, comedian, etc. 2 Someone who puts on a show for the entertainment or enjoyment of others.

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a person who tries to please or amuse

Usage examples of entertainer.

Maritime or Albertan or Upper Canada College: but they sound like people, instead of announcers or experts or entertainers, or other kinds of media-machines.

As the entertainers left the floor, Cassandra finally got an unobstructed look at her husband .

In exchange for their services as entertainers, which they had not been able to provide, Cluny and Clancy were now engaged to earn their promised purse by taking charge of the children in the nursery until such time as they had earned their pay.

An assortment of street entertainers: a snake charmer, a family of acrobats carrying their paraphernalia, a rope climber, two jadugars, a flautist, a Saivite self-flagellator wielding a five-yard-long set of metal-tipped whips, a bear-and-monkey showman.

There were many other rooms, all filled with lords and ladies, all with entertainers: three different gleemen in their cloaks, more jugglers and tumblers, and musicians playing flutes, bitterns, dulcimers, and lutes, plus five different sizes of fiddle, six kinds of horn, straight or curved or curled, and ten sizes of drum from tambour to kettle.

Rather, they had resigned themselves and their budlings to less than their share of the wonders of the modern world: houses that thought, scudders and floaters, falqon-mail that flew from continent to continent where pitchens had only skimmed, communications that no longer called for nervograps, recordimals offering faithful transcriptions of the greatest thinkers and entertainers, newsimals and scentimals and haulimals, and the rest.

And, first, old Questioning himself was set to the bar for he was the receiver, the entertainer, and comforter of these doubters, that by nation were outlandish men: then he was bid to hearken to his charge, and was told that he had liberty to object, if he had ought to say for himself.

The company was interested, as some of my readers maybe, to know what were the attractions offered to the visitors besides that of meeting the courteous entertainers and their distinguished guests.

There were also entertainers of one stripe or another, who had tired of the competition for patrons in the cities or sought the freedom of expression in Salt View, where there were no sorcerer-kings or templars to offend.

The puppeteers, minstrels, jugglers and other entertainers of the Six Duchies prospered.

But he had so high a sense of his hospitable and responsible position as our entertainer, and my guardian laughed so sincerely at and with Mr. Skimpole, as a child who blew bubbles and broke them all day long, that matters never went beyond this point.

Pomeranian pooches, or maybe French poodles, and guys with whiskers, and nightclub entertainers, and I do not know what all else.

She bubbled over with precise and cheerful comment, she appeared to talk even more than was absolutely necessary and it was only upon her departure that her entertainers noticed that she had said nothing at all.

Tell them that there be litter-carriers in Rome today who can run fifty thousand paces in an hour and they will acclaim you the greatest entertainer as well as the greatest liar Castrum Mare has ever seen.

She had sufficient credentials to be taken on as a casual entertainer on some liner at the best or as a ship attendant at the worst.