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A contradiction is a logical incompatibility between two or more propositions Contradiction may also refer to: Contradiction (album) , an album by The Ohio Players Contradictions (album) , an album by One Gud Cide Contradiction, a detective FMV game by ...

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun COLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS ■ ADJECTIVE apparent ▪ However, just occasionally, the evidence of the two disciplines is in apparent contradiction . ▪ The capability for reasoning becomes increasingly logical and less subject to influence by apparent perceptual ...

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n. 1 (context uncountable English) The act of contradicting. 2 (context countable English) A statement that contradicts itself, i.e., a statement that makes a claim that the same thing is true and that it is false at the same time and in the same senses ...

Usage examples of contradiction.

Such are the circumstances of this ostentatious and improbable relation, dictated, as it too plainly appears, by the vanity of the monarch, adorned by the unblushing servility of his flatterers, and received without contradiction by a distant and obsequious senate.

To believe that a body, functioning in this way, is the creation of God, and at the same time to look on this God as a Being of absolute moral perfection, would seem a complete contradiction to the Hans Andersen child.

This obvious contradiction of the truth provoked even more hilarity, and Laevo had to wait until the noise died down a little before continuing.

This absurdity shows that the hypothesis contains a contradiction which naturally leads to untenable results.

It was Wagner who created the contradiction which puts his operas in opposition by his substitution of the sacred lance as a dramatic motive for the question.

I believe--in spite of our noisy disputes-- that it is, on the contrary, impossible for men not to become some day all at unity buried under the mass of contradictions, a Pelion on Ossa, which they themselves have raised.

But the intention of finding a basis for the laws of the Paraclete, by showing that they existed in some fashion even in earlier times, involved Tertullian in many contradictions.

In the questions as to the relationship of the Old Testament to the New, of Christ to the Apostles, of the Apostles to each other, of the Paraclete to Christ and the Apostles, he was also of necessity involved in the greatest contradictions.

In a more practical attempt to push the concern from his mind, and in direct contradiction of his earlier vow, he had managed to steal two purses before he turned into the familiar twisted street with its uneven, cart-rutted surface and disordered tiers of neglected and abandoned dwellings on either side.

For if the diversity exists as regards diverse things, and in diverse subjects, this would not suffice for the nature of contrariety, nor even for the nature of contradiction, e.

In both cases the procedural autonomy, differential application, and territorialized links to various segments of the population, together with the specific and limited exercise of legitimate violence, were not generally in contradiction with the principle of a coherent and unified ordering.

Bakhtin closes Tolstoy down, makes his contradictions less provocative, and never satisfactorily confronts the complex issue of personality in the Tolstoyan novel.

His glory, his legs and his voice, perplexed Maggie with an unanalyzed sense of contradiction and unfitness.

When the breakdown of the image yields contradiction, we can overcome the contradiction in either of two directions: by destroying all meaning and ending up with a set of empty logical structures, or else by returning to a wholly unanalyzed unity, whether of the original image or a new one.

Too many impressions were striking his underloaded brain, and his mind would soon be a tangled mass of contradictions.