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Answer for the clue "Orthodoxy in thoughts and belief ", 10 letters:

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The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Conformity \Con*form"i*ty\, n.; pl. Conformities . [Cf. F. conformit['e].] Correspondence in form, manner, or character; resemblance; agreement; congruity; -- followed by to, with, or between. By our conformity to God. --Tillotson. The end of all religion ...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Conformity is the process by which an individual's attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors are influenced by other people. Conformity may also refer to: Conformity: A Tale , a novel by Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna Conformity, the closeness of an individual dog to ...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 State of things being similar or identical. 2 A point of resemblance; a similarity. 3 State of being conforming, of complying with a set of rules, with a norm or standard. 4 The ideology of adhering to one standard or social uniformity.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
early 15c., conformyte , from Middle French conformité (14c.), from Late Latin conformitatem (nominative conformitas ), from conformis "similar in shape," from conformare (see conform ). Modern form is from 17c.

Usage examples of conformity.

From his unique perspective at the edge of the Santarogan group identity, Dasein can see what the townspeople cannot, that Santaroga enforces conformity on its members just as the outside does.

Russian captain replied, that, notwithstanding the dispositions of the empress of both the Russias were sufficiently known, yet he would further explain them, by declaring that his orders, and those of the other Russian commanders, were, in conformity to the laws of war, to seize on all the Prussian vessels they met with on their cruise.

In conformity with their plans the Fenian troops gathered at convenient places to make their raids on the objective points in Ontario they had in view.

The groundkeeper had left the Great Danes in the stable, in conformity with his usual practice.

He thinks this is a bogus condition designed by fascist headshrinkers who want to destroy any spark of individuality and foster conformity at a young age.

Thus with the death of Huascar there was an end to all the Incas of Peru and all their line and descent which they held to be legitimate, without leaving man or woman who could have a claim on this country, supposing them to have been natural and legitimate lords of it, in conformity with their own customs and tyrannical laws.

It must be that the same corporate culture embraces both jobholders and job seekers, and that it is a culture of conformity and studied restraint, maybe something like that of the Chinese imperial court in the heyday of hardline Confucianism.

We have indicated the situation of the Atlantic Island and those who, in conformity with the general peopling of the world, were probably its first inhabitants, namely the early Spaniards and the first Mauritanian vassals of the King Atlas.

Rice touched upon the decrease in the amount of the pension list, and said he should be prepared to prove that the pensions granted by Earl Grey and Lord Melbourne had been awarded in strict conformity with a resolution of the house passed in February, 1834, which recommended the granting of pensions to such persons only as by their services to the crown, or the public, or by useful discoveries in science or art, had a just claim on the benevolence of the crown or the gratitude of the nation.

The conformity of the human will to the Divine regards the will of reason: according to which the wills even of friends agree, inasmuch as reason considers something willed in its relation to the will of a friend.

For in the first place they can be considered in regard to the cause of sanctification, which is the Word incarnate: to Whom the sacraments have a certain conformity, in that the word is joined to the sensible sign, just as in the mystery of the Incarnation the Word of God is united to sensible flesh.

Nature, like the interplay of signs and resemblances, is closed in upon itself in conformity with the duplicated form of the cosmos.

Apart from the question of the legitimacy of the Greek dating of the sack, which seems to be at variance with the Roman data itself, the Varronian dates were thrown off by four years through the inclusion both of these desperate attempts to bring the list into conformity with the Greek dating of the sack.

But they are by no means loose aggregations of men and women coming in a disorderly manner together in conformity with their momentary caprices.

General language, therefore, being formed for general use, must be moulded on some more general views, and must affix the epithets of praise or blame, in conformity to sentiments, which arise from the general interests of the community.