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Answer for the clue "Official routes of communication ", 8 letters:

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n. 1 (plural of channel English) 2 (context pluralonly English) Formal lines of command and procedure. vb. (en-third-person singular of: channel )

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Channels is a rock band. They are based in Baltimore , Maryland . Started in 2003, Channels features Jawbox and Burning Airlines frontman J. Robbins , as well as bassist Janet Morgan and drummer Darren Zentek of Kerosene 454 and Oswego. While they are in ...

Usage examples of channels.

Veritt observed, and Zeth realized this must be the boy the channels had cured of an intestinal infection.

He led Zeth on to where, heavily shielded with many layers of drapery, the channels were treating the critically wounded patients.

Those of us who are channels can sense such things as the bullet inside Mr.

Go ahead and have the channels take all the selyn they can from my Gens.

The channels let him get deep into hard need before they let him take transfer from Hank.

Rimon was no better, the channels talking fearfully of his not feeling pain.

If every Gen were a Companion, the channels could devote themselves to healing.

Companions care for the channels, and the channels for the rest of us.

Bron had learned a great deal about the work of channels and Companions, mostly from Jord, who now planned to marry Sessly in the spring.

But the moment Bron fell asleep, his field would have kept any of the other channels comfortable, but not Zeth.

Most of the Simes would go, so most of the channels had to go as well.

Zeth chafed as Dan deployed the people of Fort Freedom, the channels and Companions at the rear of the line of march.

Chapel, Simes and the Companions riding with channels the shorter but narrower way that Zeth had first come to the town.

As a large number of Mountain Chapel Gens had never donated before, the three channels had to work slowly the next few hours.

Jimmy Norton, assigned to help Zeth, led up a pack horse and began unloading medical supplies as Hank and Uel set up the standard to mark the location of the channels for the Gens.