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Answer for the clue "A long-handled saw with a curved blade", 8 letters:

Word definitions for billhook in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Billhook \Bill"hook`\, n. [Bill + hook.] A thick, heavy knife with a hooked point, used in pruning hedges, etc. When it has a short handle, it is sometimes called a hand bill ; when the handle is long, a hedge bill or scimiter .

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 An agricultural implement often with a curved or hooked end to the blade used for pruning or cutting thick, woody plants. 2 (context weapons English) A medieval polearm with a similar construct, fitted to a long handle, sometimes with an L-shaped tine...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a long-handled saw with a curved blade; "he used a bill to prune branches off of the tree" [syn: bill ]

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
The billhook is a traditional cutting tool used widely in agriculture and forestry for cutting smaller woody material such as shrubs and branches and is distinct from the sickle . It is very common in the wine-growing countries of Europe . Elsewhere, it...

Usage examples of billhook.

Only his eyes, huge and golden, and his three-digit hands, which clutched a sharp billhook with a long haft, revealed that he was of the Folk.

He needed to find a billhook to prune away the old growth and make room for the new.

The mercenary Minare, a short but thick-set man of unquenchable optimism with the reddish hair of some old Forest blood in his line waved his billhook to summon help.

Minare laid his billhook on his broad shoulder, looking to Arest for his approval.

The old midwife made signs with her hands, and her husband rose too and sidled towards the door, where his billhook was propped.

I caught the ankle of the slave with the billhook with one foot and kicked his knee with the other, and he fell.

I snatched up the billhook and killed the slave who would have killed me, finding it a better weapon than I would have supposed.

I had not killed the man with the billhook for her, then Drakaina embraced me.

Seeing the sickle, I wished for my sword, though the billhook was no mean weapon.

He bowed, holding the billhook to one side and resting the knuckles of his free hand on the floor.

But through the stormy days and the heavy nights Nature is always busy in producing a rapidity and profusion of growth which would turn Malacca into a jungle were it not for axe and billhook, but her work does not jar upon the general silence.

Marines, stripped to the waist, took axes and billhooks from the villagers and went to the woods where tree after tree was felled and dragged back to the fort for fuel and barricades.

Fatigue parties took axes and billhooks back to the forest to cut firewood.

On the walls were arrayed hammers, saws, axes, adzes, billhooks, files, awls, and gouges, and wooden boxes of nails were stacked on the floor.

The first row were making holes with shovels, hoes, billhooks, and sticks.