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Answer for the clue "The dialect of Sotho spoken by the Basotho ", 6 letters:

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Basutos \Ba*su"tos\, n. pl.; sing. Basuto . (Ethnol.) A warlike South African people of the Bantu stock, divided into many tribes, at one time subjected by the English. They formerly practiced cannibalism, but have now adopted many European customs.

Usage examples of basuto.

Similarly the Hottentots, Bechuanas, Basutos, Marotse, Barongo, and many other tribes of South and West Africa never carry a corpse out by the door of the hut but always by a special opening made in the wall.

A few stricken Boers, five unwounded prisoners, and a string of Basuto ponies were the poor fruits of victory--those and the arid hill from which so much had been hoped, and so little was to be gained.

Brigade held the Boers from Ficksburg on the Basuto border to Senekal.

It was evident now that by a rapid advance from Bethlehem in the direction of the Basuto border all Boers to the north of Ficksburg would be hemmed in.

On September 2nd another commando of Free State Boers under Fourie emerged from the mountain country on the Basuto border, and fell upon Ladybrand, which was held by a feeble garrison consisting of one company of the Worcester regiment and forty-three men of the Wiltshire Yeomanry.

The actual interruption of traffic was of little consequence, for the assiduous Sappers with their gangs of Basuto labourers were always at hand to repair the break.

Boers from breaking to the west and to head them towards the Basuto border.

A continuous barrier of barbed-wire fencing had been erected from Bloemfontein to the Basuto border, a distance of eighty miles, and this was now strongly held by British posts.

The southern portion of the country had been cut off from the northern by a line which extended through Bloemfontein on the east to the Basuto frontier, and on the west to Jacobsdal.

The captives were taken by forced marches to the Basuto border, where they were turned adrift, half clad and without food.

He enjoyed a great success on the whole although he failed to defeat Moshesh, the great Basuto chief.

In the south, between the Orange River and the Vaal, there was no form of government at all, but a welter of Dutch farmers, Basutos, Hottentots, and halfbreeds living in a chronic state of turbulence, recognising neither the British authority to the south of them nor the Transvaal republics to the north.

Such an incident is much to be regretted, and yet, looking back upon the long course of the war, and remembering the turbulent tribes who surrounded the combatants--Swazis, Basutos, and Zulus--we may well congratulate ourselves that we have been able to restrain those black warriors, and to escape the brutalities and the bitter memories of a barbarian invasion.

Then of forty different tribes come from every corner of the land to Goldi, men speaking forty different languages, from Zulu to Tswana, from Herero to Basuto, and only one in a thousand of them understands a word of English or of Afrikaans, Moses explained softly to his brother as the other men respectfully made room for them on one of the classroom benches.

One was a pretty pug-faced daffodil-yellow Griqua girl, another a boldeyed Portuguese mulatto from Mozambique, and the third a mulberry black Basuto with haunches on her like a brood mare.