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Answer for the clue "A letter sent by air mail", 8 letters:

Word definitions for aerogram in dictionaries

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. (context dated English) A wireless message.

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a letter sent by air mail [syn: airmail letter , air letter , aerogramme ]

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
An aerogram , aérogramme , air letter or airletter is a thin lightweight piece of foldable and gummed paper for writing a letter for transit via airmail , in which the letter and envelope are one and the same. Most postal administrations forbid enclosures...

Usage examples of aerogram.

If you scorn the maid at your window I will aerogram my immediate acceptance of a proposal of marriage that has been made to your poor Ada a month ago in Valentine State.

Mr Parmenter, as he handed the aerogram across the big table littered with maps, plans and drawings of localities terrestrial and celestial.

The aerogram also gave the positions of the lighters loaded with ammunition which he had deposited round the English shores in anticipation of its arrival.

In fact, it was only this morning that we got an aerogram from the Lizard as we came up Channel to say that war was almost a certainty, and advising us to get into Southampton as soon as we could.

All they knew they learned from aerograms, one from Admiral Durenne off the Isle of Wight saying that the Portsmouth forts had been silenced and the Fleet action had begun, and another from the Commodore of the squadron off Folkestone saying that all was going well, and the landing would shortly be effected: and thus they fully expected to have the three towns and the entrance to the Thames at their mercy by the following day.

She never mentioned anything connected to what Desdemona referred to as “the bed,” and so her cousins were forced to read between the lines of those aerograms, trying to see, in a description of a Sunday drive through Belle Isle, whether the face of the husband at the wheel was happy or unsatisfied.