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Answer for the clue "Abbr. for a two-striper", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word nco

Sgt., for one

Enlisted V.I.P.

Sergeant major: Abbr.

Cpl., for one

Sgt., e.g.

U.S.O. user

Base figure: Abbr.

Bilko, for one: Abbr.

Staff sgt., e.g.

One below a second lieut.

D.S.M. recipient

Cpl., e.g.

Cpl. or sgt.

Three-striper, e.g.: Abbr.

Two or three chevron wearer: Abbr.

G.I. with chevrons

Army E-5, e.g.

G.I.'s superior

Sarge, e.g.

Certain G.I.

York, for one: Abbr.

One who's earned stripes, e.g.

Mil. club attendee

Sgt. or cpl.

Barracks V.I.P.

Kind of mil. club

Army figure, for short

1-Across's superior

Army fig.

No lieutenant yet: Abbr.

Sarge, for one

___ Club (military hangout)

Operations ___ (Army position)

PX shopper

Chevron sporter: Abbr.

U.S.A.F. E-7, e.g.

Two- or three-striper, briefly

Lt. saluter

Milit. figure

E-7, e.g.: Abbr.

One above a specialist: Abbr.

It's below grade one: Abbr.

Barracks boss, for short

U.S.M.C. barracks boss

Base figure, for short

Title holder

Army type, for short

Squad leader, e.g.: Abbr.

Elvis Presley was one: Abbr.

Drilling type: Abbr.

Many a PX patron

One with two or three stripes: Abbr.

Top kick, for one: Abbr.

Drill specialist, for short?

Many a PX customer

Two- or three-striper, for short

Lt.'s inferior

Many a PX shopper

Sgt., for example

PX patron

"Junior" or "senior" mil. figure

"Sgt. maj., e.g."


Bilko was one

Pfc. or Cpl.

Cpl., but not Pfc.

Bilko or Pepper


U.S.O. user, perhaps

Bilko, e.g.

Mil. man

He ranks a Pfc.

Barracks bugaboo: Abbr.

Sgt. Sickmann, for one

Sgt. Lopez, e.g.

S.F.C. or Cpl.

Base pay recipient?: Abbr.

V.I.P. in boot camp

Superior of a Pfc.

Boss of the pvts.

C.P.O., e.g.

Fort Bragg res.

Corp., e.g.

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