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Answer for the clue "Ankle-high work shoe", 6 letters:

Alternative clues for the word brogan

Heavy shoe

A thick and heavy shoe

Sabot's kin

Word definitions for brogan in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Brogan \Bro"gan\, n. A stout, coarse shoe; a brogue.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. A heavy working shoe; a brogue

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a thick and heavy shoe [syn: brogue , clodhopper , work shoe ]

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Brogan or O'Brogan, is a surname originating in Ireland , anglicized from the original Ó Brógáin . The form McBrogan, is also present sharing the meaning of O'Brogan, essentially "son of Brogan." The name can be traced back to Saint Brogan (Broccán Clóen),...

Usage examples of brogan.

Its clothing was singular, to say the leasthigh-topped brogans of black leather, baggy pantaloons and baggier shirt of what looked to be a good-quality cloth in the hue of a dark-green olive, what might have been a broad sword belt cinching the waist, but no visible weapons and no armor except the close-fitting helmet.

Brogan Wilmington, the playwright, whose play is now running along quite successfully and making plenty of beesom in spite of what Ambrose states about it, and as Mrs.

Their capes, crimson to announce who they were, billowed out behind as they charged past the swordsmen, lancers, standard-bearers, and finally Brogan.

Human taunters threw brogans and coins, jabbed at them with old hooly sticks, anything at all to tease the stabbing horns of the chained beasts.

She noted that borrowed clothes were laid out: a woolen brat, a linen leine, a sturdy pair of knit hose and serviceable deerskin brogans.

Brogan is an investigator in the employ of my office and is involved at the direction of the Reiling family.

Gazing out at the fields, Brogan the miller sawin the last near-darkness of a summer nighttwenty men or more downstream from him, kneeling beside the water or knee-deep in it, drinking and filling flasks.

Brogan Wilmington can recover his balance, the beautiful picks up what is left of her lobster Newburg, plate and all, and clops Brogan on the pimple with it and knocks him plumb out onto the dance floor where many parties, male and female, are doing the rumba with great zest.

In the meantime, the parties out on the dance floor find they cannot rumba with any convenience unless Brogan Wilmington is removed from their space, so a couple of waiters pick Brogan up and carry him away and Ambrose notices that the beautiful who slugs Brogan with the lobster Newburg now seems to be crying.

His feet were encased by a pair of badly scuffed brogans, tied with heavy twine.

He wiped the dust off his heavy brogans and tried to brush his pants clean.

His brogans grated on pebbles and then his shoulder hit hard against an obstacle that gave way before him.

He had on a long, tattered smock and deerhide trousers and brogans, was strapped about with a baldric and various pouches.

I just go on eating and listening and Ambrose seems about ready to burst into tears as he tells me about his suffering because of his love for Hilda, when who comes into the Canary Club all dressed up in white tie and tails but a guy by the name of Brogan Wilmington, who is what is called a playwright by trade, a playwright being a guy who writes plays which are put on the stage for people to see.

Human taunters threw brogans and coins, jabbed at them with old hooly sticks, anything at all to tease the stabbing horns of the chained beasts.