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Answer for the clue "Cowardly Lion harasser", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word toto

Barker of filmdom

Emerald City visitor

Movie pooch

Kansas pooch

Dog in Oz

Group with the 1983 #1 hit "Africa"

"Hold the Line" rock group

Oz visitor

The Wizard's unveiler

Canine from Kansas

1939 movie canine

W. S. Gilbert's "Princess ___"

Baum barker

In ___ (entirely)

1939 movie dog

Kansas canine

Fictional terrier

Wind-borne pet

Movie dog

Dorothy's dog

In ___ (not piecemeal)

"The Wizard of Oz" dog

Screen pooch of 1939

Wizard of Oz revealer

Completely, after "in"

Dog on the Yellow Brick Road

Wizard visitor

Dog who unveiled 14-Down

Noted movie terrier

"The Wizard of Oz" pooch

Film pooch

Fictional dog from Kansas

The Wizard of Oz's exposer

Threatener of Miss Gulch

1930's film dog

Film dog

Little Oz visitor

Curtain puller of film

Miss Gulch biter

He was chased by the Cowardly Lion

1930s film dog

In ___ (altogether)

Noted dark film star of the 1930s

Entirely, after "in"

Barker in a basket

Dog that bit Miss Gulch

"Africa" band, 1982

Film terrier

Pooch in Oz

The "him" in the 1939 film line "I won't let you take him!"

Band that shares its name with a film canine

Dorothy took him to Oz

Baum's canine

Fictional Kansas canine

Group with Grammy's 1982 Record of the Year

Dorothy Gale's dog

Baum pooch

In ___ (fully)

Miss Gale's dog

Baum dog

Four-legged Oz visitor

Baum's terrier

Oz dog

Oz canine

In ___ (wholly)

Dog that went to Oz

Ms. Gale's pet

Dorothy's pet

Any young animal

Dorothy Gale's pet

Dorothy's dog in the Oz books

In ____ (completely)

Ms. Gale's dog

Young animal

Dorothy's pooch

"Wizard of Oz" dog

In ___ (as a whole)

The Gales' pet

Dog that traveled from Kansas to Oz

In ___

Dog gone to Oz

Word definitions for toto in dictionaries

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES in toto ▪ They accepted the plan in toto.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
Latin ablative singular (masc. and neuter) of totus "whole, entire" (see total (adj.)).

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Prince Antonio Griffo Focas Flavio Angelo Ducas Comneno Porfirogenito Gagliardi De Curtis di Bisanzio , best known by his stage name Totò (; 15 February 1898 – 15 April 1967) or as Antonio De Curtis , and nicknamed il Principe della risata ("the Prince...

Usage examples of toto.

She would have hit Aunty Em with the broom and called Toto and walked away and never come back.

Then laughed Toti, as one who would not be thought to be too heedful of the morrow.

Toto hoc in genere pugnae, cum sub oculis omnium ac pro castris dimicaretur, intellectum est nostros propter gravitatem armorum, quod neque insequi cedentes possent neque ab signis discedere auderent, minus aptos esse ad huius generis hostem, equites autem magno cum periculo proelio dimicare, propterea quod illi etiam consulto plerumque cederent et, cum paulum ab legionibus nostros removissent, ex essedis desilirent et pedibus dispari proelio contenderent.

Atlantis duri caelum qui vertice fulcit, Atlantis, cintum adsidue cui nubibus atris piniferum caput et vento pulsatur et imbri, nix umeros infusa tegit, turn flumina mento praecipitant senis, et glacie riget horrida barba, hie primum paribus nitens Cylknius alis constitit: hinc toto praeceps se corpore ad undas misit avi similis, quae circum litora, circum piscosos scopulos humilis volat aequora iuxta.

Gothicae hujus probitatis exemplum: Gensemundus ille toto orbe cantabilis, solum armis filius factus, tanta se Amalis devotione conjunxit ut haeredibus eorum curiosum exhibuerit famulatum, quamvis ipse peteretur ad regnum.

Cum is murum hostium paene contingeret, et Caesar ad opus consuetudine excubaret milites que hortaretur, ne quod omnino tempus ab opere intermitteretur, paulo ante tertiam vigiliam est animadversum fumare aggerem, quem cuniculo hostes succenderant, eodemque tempore toto muro clamore sublato duabus portis ab utroque latere turrium eruptio fiebat, alii faces atque aridam materiem de muro in aggerem eminus iaciebant, picem reliquasque res, quibus ignis excitari potest, fundebant, ut quo primum curreretur aut cui rei ferretur auxilium vix ratio iniri posset.

Toto and the dropsonde hung suspended in the air for a split second, and then both fell through the hatch and disappeared into the hurricane.

Substance-focus tends to narrow the aperture of recovery and focus too much on abstinence from just one Substance instead of complete sobriety and a new spiritual way of life in toto.

Residents have a pretty good idea that their alumni counselors basically rat them out in toto at each Staff meeting, which is why counselling sessions tend to be so incredibly dull that only really grateful giving Ennet alumni are willing to serve as counselors.

Parallel, and the secession of Canada in toto from the Organization of North American Nations  and by the fact that all too many prominent figures in the recent sociohistory of the Separatist movement  for e.

The extra-hot breedering and lithiumization stuff gets hairy, but the whole fusion/fission waste-annulation thing in toto you can imagine as nothing but a huge right triangle.

Our respect for the individual as a unique phenomenon, not to be suppressed in his idiosyncrasies, but to be cultivated and brought to fulfillment as a gift to the world such as never before was seen on earth, nor will ever appear again, is contrary, toto caelo, to the spirit not only of Oriental art but also of Oriental life.

In the event of these aforestated conditions in regard to the proof of his paternity having been met the terms of the will in respect of my wife Cynthia Flawse as stated above her freely given signature shall and will become automatically null and void and the estate property chattels land and possessions pass in toto to my grand­son Lockhart Flawse to do with whatsoever he chooses.

A short time later, Betsy, her devoted companion Hank the Mule,  and Toto arrived at the gates of the Emerald City and were greeted by Omby  Amby, the Soldier with the Green Whiskers.

Billina had been rather suspicious of dogs, and Toto had had an idea that it was every dog's duty to chase a hen on sight.