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Answer for the clue "Fool", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word jass

Card game for two

Two-handed card game

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Etymology 1 n. (cx card games English) A trick-taking game popular in Switzerland. Etymology 2 n. (obsolete spelling of jazz English)

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JASS and JASS2 (sometimes said to stand for Just Another Scripting Syntax ) is a scripting language provided with an event-driven API created by Blizzard Entertainment . It is used extensively by their games Warcraft III (JASS2) and StarCraft (JASS) for...

Usage examples of jass.

She glanced at Sassy Jackson, as if to reassure herself that she was the prettiest present, and turned to watch Jass.

Sally and Sassy were staying with Mary, who was in confinement again, and Jass was spending the weekend with his new friend Wesley.

He gathered his family into his joyous embrace, and Christmas became, after all, a splendid celebration, with Jass the most genial Santa Claus.

MERGING 217 voking embarrassment and confusion in him, making Jass wonder if he was quite nonnal, if this thing happened to the other boys so often, and adding a new and disturbing, if unknown, dimension to his relationship with the slave girl.

Jass found himself caught in an agony of ambivalence, not for the first time that day.

A blurry image came into her mind of Jass leading some nigra out of the bam.

His cheerful younger brothers, William, Alexander, and George, an inseparable trio, were at school in Nashville, and even when they came home to The Forks, Jass found it difficult to break into their tight-knit group.

Lizzie called at The Forks more frequently than even her parents, and came because she wanted to see Jass.

Although the day-to-day business of The Forks was handled by Tom Kirkman and Mitchell, Jass was still informed of major decisions that had to be made, and his advice was waited on, and while Jass appreciated the responsibility, from time to time it gave him the feeling that, again in his life, he did not quite fit in.

Every skirmish lost, every yard of ground surrendered, brought Jass closer to home, until he thought he must stand and fight alone on the very steps of The Forks of Cypress.

She could go back to The Forks of Cypress and beg some shelter at least, from Jass, or Missy Sally, or she could go on.

Thus it fell to me to ride southward, while Jass and Bornin hastened to consider more likely paths.

In return, Jass was to guide Kunn to the site where he and Bom first saw the flying bird-thing.

That hands-off label is only good under certain conditions, Jass or no Jass.

But to Skif's growing impatience, not once had Jass been commissioned by the same person who had put him to igniting the tenement house.