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Answer for the clue "Great-aunt in "David Copperfield"", 6 letters:

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Fashion designer Johnson

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Betsey may refer to: Betsey (schooner) , a schooner wrecked in the China Sea in 1805 Betsey (ship) , a ship abandoned off the coast of New Zealand in 1815 Betsey Island , Tasmania, Australia People: Betsey Armstrong (born 1983), female water polo goalkeeper...

Usage examples of betsey.

I glanced over at Betsey and saw a grim look on her face as she stared out the windshield.

I turned to Betsey, who was standing to my left, down one of the stone stairs.

Chapter Thirty-Nine I dived headfirst off the porch, taking Betsey with me.

Chapter Fifty-One Monday morning, I got a call to meet Kyle Craig and Betsey Cavalierre at the Hoover Building on Tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.

It was dangerous, but Betsey felt we needed primary surveillance at the hotel.

Both Abramson and Bolding started to argue with her, but Betsey cut them off instantly.

Chapter Sixty-Four Betsey was already on another line talking to Kyle Craig.

Chapter Seventy-Seven My mind was somewhere else when I knocked and Betsey Cavalierre answered the door to her room.

Once we were inside the hotel elevator, Betsey and I kissed for the first time and it was gentle and sweet.

I had no idea what to make of it, but I knew I liked Betsey Cavalierre.

My body was heaving, but I could feel Betsey holding on to me, holding me tight, refusing to let go.

At five-fifteen in the morning, I met Betsey Cavalierre and four other FBI agents at Boiling Field.

Maybe if Betsey had been available, but she was tied up, raging against the machine at Police Plaza.

This was a federal case and Betsey Cavalierre was officially in charge of the arrests.

That night around nine-thirty, Betsey and I had dinner in New York at a restaurant called Ecco.