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Answer for the clue "PX patron", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word nco

Sgt., for one

Enlisted V.I.P.

Sergeant major: Abbr.

Cpl., for one

Sgt., e.g.

U.S.O. user

Base figure: Abbr.

Bilko, for one: Abbr.

Staff sgt., e.g.

One below a second lieut.

D.S.M. recipient

Cpl., e.g.

Cpl. or sgt.

Three-striper, e.g.: Abbr.

Two or three chevron wearer: Abbr.

G.I. with chevrons

Army E-5, e.g.

G.I.'s superior

Sarge, e.g.

Certain G.I.

York, for one: Abbr.

One who's earned stripes, e.g.

Mil. club attendee

Sgt. or cpl.

Barracks V.I.P.

Kind of mil. club

Army figure, for short

1-Across's superior

Army fig.

No lieutenant yet: Abbr.

Sarge, for one

___ Club (military hangout)

Operations ___ (Army position)

PX shopper

Chevron sporter: Abbr.

U.S.A.F. E-7, e.g.

Two- or three-striper, briefly

Lt. saluter

Milit. figure

E-7, e.g.: Abbr.

One above a specialist: Abbr.

It's below grade one: Abbr.

Barracks boss, for short

U.S.M.C. barracks boss

Base figure, for short

Title holder

Army type, for short

Squad leader, e.g.: Abbr.

Elvis Presley was one: Abbr.

Drilling type: Abbr.

Many a PX patron

One with two or three stripes: Abbr.

Top kick, for one: Abbr.

Drill specialist, for short?

Many a PX customer

Two- or three-striper, for short

Lt.'s inferior

Many a PX shopper

Sgt., for example

"Junior" or "senior" mil. figure

Abbr. for a two-striper

"Sgt. maj., e.g."


Bilko was one

Pfc. or Cpl.

Cpl., but not Pfc.

Bilko or Pepper


U.S.O. user, perhaps

Bilko, e.g.

Mil. man

He ranks a Pfc.

Barracks bugaboo: Abbr.

Sgt. Sickmann, for one

Sgt. Lopez, e.g.

S.F.C. or Cpl.

Base pay recipient?: Abbr.

V.I.P. in boot camp

Superior of a Pfc.

Boss of the pvts.

C.P.O., e.g.

Fort Bragg res.

Corp., e.g.

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