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Answer for the clue "Finishes all at once, in a way", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word chugs

Downs without a break

Finishes quickly, in a way

Gets down quickly

Word definitions for chugs in dictionaries

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. (plural of chug English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: chug )

Usage examples of chugs.

Here the chugs had a straight run down to the ocean, and chug droppings need not soil civic pavement.

Then the wagonmasters went among the chugs and released their harness.

Close to four hundred chugs streamed across black salt grass, then sand, toward the ocean and in.

Then here came the chugs, a great long wave of them, all the chugs at once.

It's covered with enough weed to feed a caravan, the chugs would have a head start on the sharks, and we'll get the shore cleaned off to boot.

The chugs were gone-in the water, likely-but the wagon nearly blocked the bridge.

We get a lot of sharks when a caravan stops and three hundred chugs get their attention.

The chugs were an ocher wave rolling down the sand, raising dust in a great khaki cloud.

Keep talking and let the chugs move on until the mark takes your offer.

When they met at the center, several chugs could be seen to be loose and moving toward the beach.

Most of the women, and not many men, walked down to the beach, taking no notice of two hundred and fifty chugs rolling down behind them in two slow waves.

Half-seen chugs were steadily pulling the beached forest apart, eating the crabs and fish and shellfish as they were exposed.

They crawled onto land, paused a moment, then moved after the chugs faster than a walking man.

The chugs were halfway to the wagons, moving as fast as Tim had seen them move.

Now a Destiny seaweed forest is rising from the waves, and it's back to the roofs while the chugs feed.