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Answer for the clue "Longtime employer of Helen Thomas, in brief", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word upi

A.P. competitor

News org. founded in 1958

Wire service

Wire service inits.

A.P. rival

News inits.

Name in the news

News letters

Reuters rival

Reuters competitor

News agcy. founded by Scripps

Big inits. in news

News initials

Classic A.P. rival

Inits. in news

Co. formed in a 1958 merger

Familiar photo credit

News source, for short

News agcy.

News inits. beginning in 1958

Reuters alternative

Zogby poll partner

Employer of Walter Cronkite and David Brinkley, once

News org.

Wire provider: Abbr.

Photo ID?

Longtime news inits.

AP competitor

Inits. by a dateline

Initials in news

Grp. with the old slogan "A deadline every minute"

Old wiring org.

D.C.-based news inits.

News service inits.

Media inits. since 1958

"A deadline every minute" sloganeer

Inits. after a big media merger of 1958

Headline-delivering org.

Press inits.

News serv.

A news agcy.

Worldwide newspaper org.

A.P. relative

Press org.

News-agency initials

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UPI can stand for: United Press International , a global news agency headquartered in the United States Universal Pictures International Union of Italian Provinces ( Unione delle Province d'Italia ) Urpo Pikkupeura User Programmatic Interface (Oracle Database...