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Answer for the clue "Any old Joe ", 3 letters:

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Bub \Bub\, n. [Cf. 2d Bubby .] A young brother; a little boy; -- a familiar term of address of a small boy.

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Bub is an Indian film in Kashmiri language directed by Jyoti Sarup . It released in Jammu on 1 December 2001. It is only the third Kashmiri film, the preceding one was released 38 years before. The film won the Nargis Dutt Award for Best Feature Film on ...

Usage examples of bub.

Mulvey plump bubs me breadvan Winkle red slippers she rusty sleep wander years of dreams return tail end Agendath swoony lovey showed me her next year in drawers return next in her next her next.

I saw the paper and heard what Bub had to say, I thought maybe I'd better do somethin'.

If I'd a-knowed what it meant, me and Bub here would have gone to the factory ourselves, maybe, and done the work quicker.

Das telegram say: 'Halt einen Herren mit schwarzem Buben and schwarzem Gepack'.

She rubs her nipples with the end of her father's dick, puts it where it would be between her bubs if she had any, and cuddles it .

They goose the model as they go past, give her bubs a pinch, tickle her in the crotch .

Anna, perhaps, has better bubs, but Anna's an exception, you can't class the headlights she sports with the accessories that most women carry.

I give her bubs a pinch and make her lick her slobbering off my balls .

When you have a normal pair of bubs to compare them with, Anna's seem bigger than ever.

Toots puts her arms around me, shoves her bubs against my cheek, and sucks my tongue.

She wants her trap played with, she wants her bubs pinched, she wants to be felt up and down, from head to foot and all at once.

Those magnificent bubs of hers are bare except for a long string of black beads that hang down between them, hugging the skin and bouncing slightly when she walks.

But it's an entirely new sensation to suck some bitch's bubs by putting the whole works in your mouth .

While Jean is still talking, Tania bends forward and kisses one of her lovely, bare bubs.

Ann is slobbering all over us, wiggling her behind and trying to rub her bubs against our balls.