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Answer for the clue "The shakes, with "the"", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word dts

Drunk's problem, with "the"

Sot's problem

Drunk's affliction

Tosspot's problem

"The shakes"

Sot's woe

Wino's woe

Cause of some shaking

Part of a drying-out period, maybe

Bowery bum's affliction

Toper's woe


Withdrawal syndrome

Skid row woe

Shakes, for short

Drinking problem

Shaky problem

Sot's woe, for short

Alcoholic's woe

Problem while drying out

Problem while getting clean

Skid row affliction

Skid row ailment

Sot's affliction

Drunk's problem

Souse's woe, for short


Drunkard's woe, for short

Sot's symptoms, for short

Juicer's problem

The shakes, for short

Drunk's woe, with "the"

The shakes

A.A. discussion topic

Cause of some shaking, for short

Drinker's problem, for short

Lush development?

Woe while getting clean

Drunk's affliction, for short

Tippler's trouble

Affliction a k a "blue devils"

Drying-out danger

Sot's peril

Tosspot's affliction

Rehab problem

Result of drying out, maybe

Drunk's woe, informally

Rehab problem, for short

Wino's affliction, for short

Topics of many self-help books

Detoxing woe

Withdrawal symptom, in short

Drying-out woe, for short

Drunk's woe

Drunk's condition, for short

Drunk's ailment, for short

Detoxing hurdle, for short

Danger while drying out

Acute delirium caused by alcohol poisoning

Wino's affliction

Affliction on skid row

Sot's fear

"The Lost Weekend" subject

Wino's ailment

Certain N.F.L. players

Toper's malady

Result of too much V.O.?

Sot's ailment

Disorder caused by alc.

The "Lost Weekend" problem

Alcohol poisoning, for short

Result of many a "lost weekend"

Drinkers' woes: Abbr.

What some topers get

Skid-row problem

"Pink-elephants" producer, for short

Drinker's problem: Abbr.

Skid-row affliction, for short

Lost-weekend results

Toper's trouble

"Lost Weekend" illness

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