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Answer for the clue "Scoop (out)", 4 letters:

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Lale or Laleh , is a Persian world meaning Tulip. , or Lala (Russified version) which is also used as a girl's name in many countries besides Iran including Turkey. It may refer to:

Usage examples of lale.

Children of many houses might be startled if they could see the transformation which takes place in their pretty Didi or Lale, whom they know as their nurse, governess and playmate, when she is, in their absence or after their bedtime, ordered to the chamber of one of the young masters, there to dance lasciviously before him, and then to be had, and as a slave.

Lale had chosen them well—had hand-picked every one of them, searching out small strangenesses, buddings, beginnings of talents like his own.