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Answer for the clue "Like dirty water", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word murky

Not pellucid

Clear as mud

Word definitions for murky in dictionaries

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
adjective COLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS ■ NOUN water ▪ Catfish of several species do so and appear to be calling to one another as they move in murky water . ▪ Moorhens, mallards, grebes and a heron work the murky water for their evening meals. ▪ A single sinuous...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Murky \Murk"y\, a. [Compar. Murkier ; superl. Murkiest .] [OE. mirke, merke, AS. myrce, mirce; akin to Icel. myrkr, Dan. & Sw. m["o]rk.] Dark; gloomy. ``The murkiest den.'' --Shak. A murky deep lowering o'er our heads. --Addison. Obscured...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
a. 1 Hard to see through, as a fog or mist. 2 gloomy, dark, dim. 3 obscure, indistinct, cloudy. 4 Dishonest, shady.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
mid-14c., from murk + -y (2). Rare before 17c. Related: Murkily ; murkiness .

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
adj. (of especially liquids) clouded as with sediment; "a cloudy liquid"; "muddy coffee"; "murky waters" [syn: cloudy , muddy , mirky , turbid ] so shaded as to be dark or gloomy; "a murky dungeon"; "murky rooms lit by smoke-blackened lamps" [syn: mirky...

Usage examples of murky.

The screaming of women was a constant high note of terror in the murky air, now so besmudged by smoke as to blot out the sun.

Their skirts tied above their knees, waist-deep in the cool, murky waters, they washed away miles of trail dust from both their clothes and their weary bodies while exchanging hopes and fears of what lay ahead.

Flinging up his hands, he conjured a gust of murky flame that blasted toward Flax, but it was quenched in mid-flight by an equally fierce geyser of conjured water sent by the wizard.

Once Plover stopped laughing, I asked him if he had any idea how to uncover this murky connection between the Bernswallow family and Carolyn McCoy, who must have hyphenated at a later date.

The murky area at the edges of the simulacrum quickly grew to overshroud the whole scene, then parted, revealing a much closer perspective.

Clouds shredded to let the sun break through here and there, but despite the lightening of the sky, the cabin was murky, and the odor of paraffin hung in the air.

The combatants paused for a moment, gazing in mute astonishment, until the wind, dispelling the murky cloud, revealed the flaunting banner of Michael Paw, the Patroon of Communipaw.

It had been five years since the tsunami had destroyed most of the state and filled the Pacific with the murky red cloud of rust that had killed the phytoplankton and destroyed all sea life from the west coast of the Americas to China.

Or constellations quenched in murkiest cloud, In which I walk secure and unbeheld Towards my purpose.

Relatives were a sensitive issue, part of the murky and complex past, the divided lives, the memories that could be refloated by a word or a name.

Zapruder, completely humiliated, turns to run, this will not work either, nothing will work and something must have happened to my timing, to my control of the instance because here is Scop, he is already at Dealey, bounding from the little hollow where he has hidden the converter, his face dull and murky with the effects of passage but the heaviness already beginning to lift as he sprints toward us.

With its murky scurf and banked channels of glint and scum, it looks like washing-up, it looks like London skies.

The light that he had seen straining through the obscured glass of the windows was a mere glow, trembling through the murky interior from a distance so far in the rear of the shoppe that it was no more than a suggestion of light.

The mists that shrouded Sterling Silver swirled in murky trailers before him, and the darkness of coming night slipped across the land.

Looking up from her work, she made out the distant trapezium of an apparently flat-topped mountain dominating the murky horizon.