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n. (plural of sorcerer English)

Usage examples of sorcerers.

The entire truth is that the spirit reveals itself to everyone with the same intensity and consistency, but only sorcerers, and naguals in particular, are attuned to such revelations.

After a lifetime of practice, sorcerers, naguals in particular, know if the spirit is inviting them to enter the edifice being flaunted before them.

These three areas of expertise are the three riddles sorcerers encounter in their search for knowledge.

They are ruthless in the practice of their religion, and their adepts in the black arts have such power that few sorcerers or other practitioners of the arts magical can stand against them.

But conditions are almost never perfect, so most sorcerers must use energy to correct aberrations which would destroy their spells.

Do you think sorcerers of my skill are as common as trees in a forest?

To perceive them, sorcerers need to use a cluster of energy fields not ordinarily used.

And since sorcerers deliberately pursue the understanding and strengthening of that link, it could be said the they intuit everything unerringly and accurately.

The bird of freedom can do only two things, take sorcerers along, or leave them behind.

The events unleashed by sorcerers as a result of silent knowledge are so simple and yet so abstract that sorcerers decided long ago to speak of those events only in symbolic terms.

To fail to understand it has brought generations of sorcerers unimaginable pain and sorrow.

All modern-day sorcerers have to struggle fiercely to gain soundness of mind.

For sorcerers this sensation is even more acute, precisely because their goal is to sensitize their connecting link until they can make it function at will.

That realization gives sorcerers the courage to be patient and yet take action, courage to be acquiescent without being stupid.

It gives sorcerers the courage to be cunning without being conceited, and above all it gives them courage to be ruthless without being self-important.