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Answer for the clue "Bamboozles ", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word dupes

Usage examples of dupes.

If it had not been for that belief, the result of a cowardly fright, I would not have remained one minute where I was, and my hurried flight would no doubt have opened the eyes of my two dupes, who could not have failed to see that, far from being a magician, I was only a poltroon.

As soon as I had become his mistress, he insisted upon my being compliant with all the men he wanted to make his dupes, and at last he took up his quarters at my lodgings.

He had come after me, hoping to use me as a means of getting into good society, and of filling his pocket with the money of the dupes he aspired to make.

I postponed the task of finding them until after I should have made the acquaintance of the dupes of the goddess to whom they addressed their worship.

He intends returning to Russia laden with the spoils of the dupes he has made.

I did not wait to see the onslaught of the cheats on the dupes, but took my leave while the table was being made ready.

Yet these hard lessons proved useful, for they taught me to mistrust the impudent sycophants who openly flatter their dupes, and never to rely upon the offers made by fawning flatterers.

Men, as a general rule, do not ask for anything more, and they are right in not racking their brain for the sake of being convinced that they are the dupes of external appearance.

I played a little and waged war against the sharpers who have become more numerous of late than the dupes, as there are also more doctors than patients.

It is the avidity of the dupes which induces the trickery of the sharpers.

Favoral accepted a role in one of those terrible financial dramas which ruin a thousand poor dupes to the benefit of two or three clever rascals.

They added themselves to the swarms of the Orient, thus making one quarter of the human race the poor dupes of an Elder People.

He bulled into the horde of dupes, his struggles more maniacal than their own.