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Answer for the clue "Great 39-Down", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word ton

Shipping quantity

Long or short amount

Coal measure

Quite a load

Shipping unit


Great amount


___-mile (freight unit)

Ore delivery, maybe

Coal delivery unit

Elephant's weight, maybe

"Long" or "short" amount

Whole bunch

Heavy weight

Whole lot

Busy person's alleged work load

Style, Elle-style


Good deal

Great deal


"This weighs a ___!"

Big load

Short ___

What a pickup might pick up?



Storage unit

Unit of bricks

Ship's weight unit


Heavy measure


Haulage unit

Large amount

Amount of bricks

Bricks measure

Freight weight

It may be long or short

See 69-Across


Title character in Shakespeare

Bridge capacity unit

Unit of nautical displacement


Coal unit

Proverbial brickload

Scale unit


Truck scale unit


Bridge weight unit

Long ___

Long or short measure

Won ___

Cargo unit

A long one is 12% "longer" than a short one

Capacity unit

See 15-Down


Unit of fun?

Large load


Big weight

Quantity of bricks

Ship unit or shipping unit

Elephant's weight unit

Exaggerated workload

Ship's unit of weight


2,000 pounds

Unit of bricks, so to speak

Unit of capacity for a bridge

Proverbial amount of bricks

Weight unit on a bridge sign

A United States unit of weight equivalent to 2000 pounds

A British unit of weight equivalent to 2240 pounds



Weight of a load of bricks


Simple conclusion?

High fashion

Coal quantity

Large supply

Many, many pounds

The smart set

Smart set

Weight measure

Two-___ Tony Galento

Suffix for simple

Long or short weight

Huge number

Shipping weight

Bon ___

Word with short or long

This comes short or long

Short or long weight

Won ___ (Chinese soup)



Weighty weight

Coal order

The world of fashion

Ship-size unit

Great weight

Two-___ truck

Style, in France


Weight of a very small hippo

Bon ___ (stylishness)

2,000 pounds avoirdupois

Semi unit

The long or short of it

Unit of weight

Word with long or short

Colliery unit

An amount of bricks

Bon ___ (high style)

Not backward

Freight unit

Word definitions for ton in dictionaries

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES came down a ton of bricks (= very severely ) ▪ I made the mistake of answering back, and she came down on me like a ton of bricks . metric ton weighed a ton (= was very heavy ) ▪ The box was full of books and...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Ton \Ton\ (t[u^]n), n. [OE. tonne, tunne, a tun, AS . tunne a tun, tub, a large vessel; akin to G. & F. tonne a ton, tun, LL. tunna a tun; all perhaps of Celtic origin; cf. Ir. & Gael. tunna a tun. Cf. Tun , Tunnel .] (Com.) A measure of weight or quantity....

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
Etymology 1 n. 1 A unit of weight (mass) equal to 2240 pounds (a long ton) or 2000 pounds (a short ton) or 1000 kilograms (a metric ton). 2 A unit of volume; register ton. 3 In refrigeration and air conditioning, a unit of thermal power defined as 12,000...

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
"measure of weight," late 14c. The quantity necessary to fill a tun or cask of wine, thus identical to tun (q.v.). The spelling difference became firmly established 18c. Ton of bricks in the colloquial figurative sense of what you come down on someone like...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a United States unit of weight equivalent to 2000 pounds [syn: short ton , net ton ] a British unit of weight equivalent to 2240 pounds [syn: long ton , gross ton ]

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Tôn is a Vietnamese surname. The name is transliterated as Sun in Chinese and Son in Korean . Ton is the anglicized variation of the surname Tôn.

Usage examples of ton.

Nell came out, nine-tenths of a ton of daintiness, and rumbled admonitorily at Nugget, who trailed her closely.

This human cargo represents a weight of about twenty tons, which is equivalent to that of thirty persons, two boars, three sows, twelve piglets, thirty fowls, ten dogs, twenty rats, a hundred balled or potted breadfruit and banana plants, and twelve tons of watergourds, seeds, yams, tubers, coconuts, adzes and weapons.

But despite his acquittal the Latvian remained a dead Latvian and weighed on his mind like a ton of bricks, although he was said to have been a frail little man, afflicted with a stomach ailment to boot.

Within only a few seconds, at least a ton of the amorphous flesh had spewed out of the hole.

In 1976, a tank truck went off an elevated freeway, exploded and released 19 tons of anhydrous ammonia, killing seven people.

They located two roads, neither passable by now, one track leading to a shallow pit where many tons of apatite had been removed.

The consort was a pinnace--as vessels of her class were then and for many years called--of sixty tons burden, as already stated, having two masts, which were put in--as we are informed by Bradford, and are not allowed by Professor Arber to forget--as apart of her refitting in Holland.

What we have here is about forty tons of argentite with a very high silver content.

Conscious that the human organism, normally capable of sustaining an atmospheric pressure of 19 tons, when elevated to a considerable altitude in the terrestrial atmosphere suffered with arithmetical progression of intensity, according as the line of demarcation between troposphere and stratosphere was approximated from nasal hemorrhage, impeded respiration and vertigo, when proposing this problem for solution, he had conjectured as a working hypothesis which could not be proved impossible that a more adaptable and differently anatomically constructed race of beings might subsist otherwise under Martian, Mercurial, Veneral, Jovian, Saturnian, Neptunian or Uranian sufficient and equivalent conditions, though an apogean humanity of beings created in varying forms with finite differences resulting similar to the whole and to one another would probably there as here remain inalterably and inalienably attached to vanities, to vanities of vanities and to all that is vanity.

I could retort to that, Axel came back into the kitchen, now sporting a khaki vest with a ton of pockets and carrying three fishing rods and a small case.

But Dutch Ton stood up, took the letter from Axel, who was looking a bit disappointed to have his services broken off so abruptly, and tucked the paper into a gap in his coat.

Twelve thousand tons displacement, four 250-mm rifles in twin turrets fore and aft, eight 175mm in four twin-tube wing turrets, eight 155mm in barbette mounts on either side, 200mm main belt, face-hardened alloy steel.

Surinamese bauxite, one ton for the Jamaican, and two tons for the Arkansan.

Kitels that the Birts fled for safety at the burning and sacking of Deorhyst by Sweyne, and it was by their aid that our family reclaimed some hides of forest land within a short distance of Pendyke and established a settlement, to which they gave the name of Birtsmereton, or the ton or village where the Birts settled close upon the borders of a great mere or moor-land swamp.

While the pumps clanged throughout the ship to free her of the hundreds of tons of sea-water that washed through her, von Kleine left the bridge and, with his engineer commander and damage control officer, they listed the injuries that Blucher had received.