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Answer for the clue "Enter again, as text", 5 letters:

Word definitions for rekey in dictionaries

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vb. 1 (context computing English) To enter information into a device, such as a keyboard or keypad, after it has been done at least once before. 2 To modify (a lock or its cylinder) to change which keys will open it.

Usage examples of rekey.

The articles forewarned that hotel management sometimes neglects to rekey when a key card is not returned to them, especially in smaller, less computerized establishments.

The last time I was here I rekeyed them to respond only to me, since it was theoretically possible for somebody to solve the puzzle of the locks.

We'd have spent all our time rekeying the tracers—we're always having to move things in and out.

That meant rekeying the locks—all locks—to be responsive to Hectare hidden codes.