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Cates is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Challen Cates , American actress Clifton Bledsoe Cates (1893–1970), 19th Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps David Allan Cates (born 1956), American novelist George Cates (1911-2002), American ...

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Cates \Cates\, n. pl. [Cf. Acates , and see Cater , n.] Provisions; food; viands; especially, luxurious food; delicacies; dainties. --Shak. Cates for which Apicius could not pay. --Shurchill. Choicest cates and the fiagon's best spilth. --R. Browning. ...

Usage examples of cates.

Nobody else he knew had heard of Heart Tank and Cates knew how slight were the chances of finding water without adequate directions.

Logan Cates squinted his eyes against the shimmering heat waves and studied the dust of the riders who had camped last night at Gunsight Wells, who were also heading due west .

Kimbrough invited, and Cates swung down, his horse between them, the rifle always ready without being obtrusive.

When he was on the ground, Cates led the dun into the trees and after a minute came toward them, carrying his rifle in one hand, his canteens and saddlebags in the other.

Jennifer glanced at Logan Cates and he said, looking at her, "I'm Logan Cates.

She watched Cates lead his horse to a shaded place in the arroyo where there was grass.

With a shade of impatience she noticed that Grant was the last to leave his blanket and it infuriated her that Cates noticed it also.

Sheehan watched him curiously, and Cates told him, "I'm going to scout around out there.

She looked angry, and Logan Cates grinned wryly, knowing that it was himself at whom she was angry.

He struck a match to his cigarette and glanced at Cates out of the corners of his eyes.

Logan Cates found himself wondering who had suggested the route to Beaupre.

Even now, surrounded by Indians, in danger of attack at any moment, able to trust no rock or bush, Logan Cates loved the desert morning.

The four moved swiftly up to the rocks and Logan Cates scattered them into position facing the danger area.

Logan Cates fired at Churupati, whom he saw plainly, and the bullet missed, knocking down an Indian behind him.

He grabbed at Cates's rifle barrel and Cates kicked him in the groin, then swung the rifle barrel sidewise and caught the Indian across the skull.