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Answer for the clue "Nez Perce Natl. Forest locale", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word ida

Actress Lupino

Highest peak on Crete

Mount near ancient Troy

TV's Mrs. Morgenstern

G. & S. princess

Social reformer Wells

Cider-sweet girl

Rhoda's mom, in 70's TV

Neighbor of Wyo.

Civil rights leader Wells

Wyo. neighbor

Gilbert and Sullivan princess

Mountain in Crete

Ancient mount now called Psiloriti

Rhoda's mother on "Rhoda"

Eddie Cantor sweetheart

First Lady in 1900

Mrs. McKinley

Gilbert & Sullivan princess

Princess of operetta

Sweet-as-apple-cider girl

Humphrey's "High Sierra" co-star

Cretan peak

Rhoda's TV mom

Rhoda's mom

Where the Salmon River rises: Abbr.

Moscow's locale: Abbr.

Lupino of film

Boise's state: Abbr.

"Princess ___" (1884 premiere)

Mrs. William McKinley

First Lady of 1900

Writer Tarbell

Reformer Wells

State touching Can.

Lupino of "High Sierra"

Nev. neighbor

Ike's mother's name

Neighbor of Wash.

Violinist Haendel

It borders Wash.

State west of Mont.

Eddie Cantor's wife

Girl "sweet as apple cider"

___ Red (apple variety)

Mount in Crete

Title girl in an 1884 operetta

Title girl of Eddie Cantor's theme song

Home of the River of No Return: Abbr.

Sun Valley locale: Abbr.

Boise's home: Abbr.

Moscow's home: Abbr.

Ballerina Rubinstein, for whom Ravel wrote "BolГ©ro"

Muckraker Tarbell

Cider girl of song

Home of Craters of the Moon Natl. Monument

"Sweet as apple cider" girl

Hells Canyon locale: Abbr.

Where the Snake River snakes: Abbr.

Prince Hilarion's betrothed, in a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta

Ore. neighbor

Asteroid that Galileo flew by closely in 1993

Rhoda’s TV mom

Rocky Mountain state: Abbr.

Panhandle state: Abbr.

First lady ___ McKinley

Home of the Salmon River Mtns.

First lady McKinley

Operatic princess

Mountain SE of ancient Troy

Oenone's peak

Home of the Clearwater Mtns.

Where I-15 meets I-86: Abbr.

Civil rights advocate ___ B. Wells

Home of Lewis-Clark State Coll.

The Gem State: Abbr.

Wash. neighbor

Its capital is Boise: Abbr.

Suffragist ___ B. Wells

Mrs. Morgenstern on "Rhoda"

Massachusetts' Mount ___ College

Women's suffragist ___ B. Wells

Ballerina Rubinstein who commissioned Ravel's "BolГ©ro"

2013 Pawel Pawlikowski film set in post-W.W. II Poland

State bordering B.C.

Song girl who's "sweet as apple cider"

Where to find Moscow in the U.S.: Abbr.

"Die Fledermaus" soprano

Mount in Greek myth

Title princess of a comic opera


Gilbert and Sullivan's "Princess ___"

Mount with the Cave of Zeus

2014 Oscar winner for Best Foreign Language Film

Neighbor of Mont.

Best Foreign Language Film of 2014

Journalist Wells

An agency of the United Nations affiliated with the World Bank


Author Tarbell

"Sweet" girl of songdom

Dwight Eisenhower's mother's name

Mount ___, in Greece

Sacred mount

Apple cider gal

Gilbertian princess

Nancy Walker character

G. Stein work

Stein work: 1941

Mountain near Troy

Greek peak

Actress Kaminska

Peak in Crete

G. & S. princess

Violinist Kavafian

Gem St.

Cretan mountain

Violinist Kafavian

___ B. Wells, early civil rights advocate

Gilbert & Sullivan princess

Author Tarbell: 1857-1944

Oenone's mountain

Mrs. Cantor

Concert violinist Kavafian

Mont. neighbor

Rhoda's TV mother

___ Farange, Henry James character

Cider gal of song

Lupino of the movies

Mountain overlooking Troy

Miss Lupino

Cretan summit

Cantor's wife

Highest mountain in Crete

Cretan crest

Peak in 30 Down

Sweet one of song


A Cantor

Cantor's spouse

Mt. near Troy

Gilbertian peeress

Cantor song

Cantor's love

Crete's historic peak


Mt. in Crete

Tarbell or Lupino

"Sweet" girl

Stein novel

McKinley's wife

Song heroine

Eddie's spouse

Work by G. Stein: 1941

Mount or Lupino

Mount where little Zeus was raised

Cider-song gal

Cider girl

Miss Kaminska

Cider gal

Cretan mount

Mount of Crete

Peak of Crete

___ Cox of blues fame

A protector of baby Zeus

Dactyls' mother

Word definitions for ida in dictionaries

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
fem. proper name, from Medieval Latin, from Old High German Ida , perhaps related to Old Norse ið "work."

Gazetteer Word definitions in Gazetteer
Population (2000): 258 Housing Units (2000): 133 Land area (2000): 1.391536 sq. miles (3.604062 sq. km) Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km) Total area (2000): 1.391536 sq. miles (3.604062 sq. km) FIPS code: 36885 Located within: Louisiana...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Ida or IDA may refer to:

Usage examples of ida.

The bizarre incident of the death in the call box explained, Ashdown was returning to its daily rounds, with Ida Dotrice filling in at the post-office stores.

And at last they came to Crete, and to Cnossus, beneath the peaks of Ida, and to the palace of Minos the great king, to whom Zeus himself taught laws.

Ida Jenkins called right before the show went on this morning and informed me that she expects to be a grandmother before the year is up, so congratulations to her daughter, Norma, and husband Macky.

I have seen in Ida Mayhew and her father, is proof to me that there is a good God above all the chaos around me, which I cannot understand and which at times disheartens me.

Poor Ida had no time to mask her feelings or check her impulses, and she took his extended hand as if she were sinking, while the color and light of welcome flashed brightly into her face.


Clearly they had failed to understand Ida of late, and had misjudged her utterly.

Van Berg laughed with the others, but never for a moment did he lose the uneasy consciousness that he might possibly be misjudging Ida Mayhew.

Grandma Ida, primping up her hair, though no one had spoke of Him lately as I knew of.

It was three mornings later when Margaret, Ida, and Donal Alar set off in a small carriage.

The pair appeared to have a social attraction which failed merely as regards each other: it was indeed a great deal to be able to say for Ida that no one but Beale desired her blood, and for Beale that if he should ever have his eyes scratched out it would be only by his wife.

No one and every one were of course Beale and Ida, the extent of whose power to be nasty was a thing that, to a little girl, Mrs.

That the chance was not delusive was sufficiently guaranteed by the completeness with which he could finally figure it out that, in case of his taking action, neither Ida nor Beale, whose book, on each side, it would only too well suit, would make any sort of row.

Ida was really doing with her capital was very different than what Bosky thought, but it would take at least one cycle for the confusion to subside and Bosky to figure out just how many megacredits he had lost.

PART III - HOW THESEUS SLEW THE MINOTAUR And at last they came to Crete, and to Cnossus, beneath the peaks of Ida, and to the palace of Minos the great king, to whom Zeus himself taught laws.