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Answer for the clue "Result of labor half the time?", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word son

Laertes, to Polonius



Favorite relative in politics?

Sequel title start

Jesus Christ, with "the"

Prince, e.g.

Part of the Holy Trinity

Family boy

Michael Douglas, to Kirk

Part of the Trinity, with "the"

Word in many business names

Zeus, to Cronus

Patronizing term, maybe

Primogeniture beneficiary

Prodigal ___

Cain was the first

One who passes on a name, often

Tom, to the piper

Ampersand follower, sometimes

"Favorite" person

Royal wish

Follower of "&" in many business names

Name passer, perhaps

Henry V, to Henry IV

Trinity component

Last word in many company names

Junior, usually

George W., to George

Chip off the old block

Word ending many company names

"My boy"

One may be a favorite

Junior, to Senior

46-Down, to Aphrodite

43-Down, to Adam

Jesus, with "the"

Junior, e.g.

Trinity member

"Favorite" one

William, to Charles

IV, to III

___ of a gun

Labor day arrival?

Bart, to Homer Simpson

Potential heir

William, to Diana

Young fellow

"My ___, the doctor"

Roughly one of every two deliveries

___ of God

Sequel title starter

RCA competitor

8-Down, with "the"

Many a delivery

Holy Trinity part

Ham, to Noah

38-Down was the second one

III, to Jr.

Mama's boy

End of some company names

Daughter's opposite

Male delivery?

"Listen, ___ ..."


II or III, say

Y beneficiary

Prince, to a king

Magritte's "The ___ of Man"

Bush 43, to Bush 41

Delivery possibility

Male delivery

"That's a joke, ___!"

George W., to George H. W.

Heir, perhaps

Sequel title starter, sometimes

IV to III, maybe

Daughter's counterpart


Heir, but not an heiress

Business partner, often

Pluto, to Saturn

Charlie Sheen, to Martin

One of two deliveries?

Word after an ampersand, maybe

Favorite ___

Many a beneficiary

Heir, maybe, but not an heiress

Holy Trinity member

Like a ___ to me

Delivery outcome, sometimes

Neptune vis-Г -vis Saturn

Hal, to Henry IV

Ampersand follower, maybe

Trinity part

Start of a sequel, sometimes

John Quincy Adams, to John Adams

A male human offspring

Little guy

Dickens's "Dombey and ___"


Cantor fantasy

Abraham, to Terah

Half of many a business partnership

Nathan, to David

Heir, frequently

Telemachus, to Odysseus

Methuselah, to Enoch

Louis Tiffany to Charles Tiffany

One of the Trinity

Charles, to Elizabeth

Piper's issue

"Art thou a woman's ___ . . . ": Shak.

Prodigal one

Heir, sometimes

William, to Di

Elliott, to Franklin D.

David, to Jesse

Absalom, to David

What 34 Across is to Woody

Last word of Kipling's "If"

Dombey's offspring

Nero, to Agrippina

Heir, often

"Dombey and ___"

Family member

Manasseh, to Joseph

Mercury, to Jupiter

Daughter's sib

Business partner, sometimes

Male heir

Sohrab, to Rustum

Dombey's kin


Seth, to Adam

Lincoln's Tad, for one

Chip, to Jimmy

Paris, to Priam

Chip, to J.E.C.

Trinity figure


Any man but Adam

Sea-cook's relative

John Quincy, to John

Step or grand follower

Male descendant

Word definitions for son in dictionaries

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES a baby son/daughter/brother/sister ▪ We’d like a baby brother or sister for Ben. elder brother/son/sister/daughter etc ▪ His elder son Liam became a lawyer. eldest son/daughter/brother/child etc ▪ My eldest daughter...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Son \Son\, n. [OE. sone, sune, AS. sunu; akin to D. zoon, OS., OFries., & OHG. sunu, G. sohn, Icel. sonr, Sw. son, Dan. s["o]n, Goth. sunus, Lith. sunus, Russ. suin', Skr. s[=u]nu (from s[=u] to beget, to bear), and Gr. ? son. [root]293. Cf. Sow ,...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 A male child, a boy or man in relation to his parents; one's male offspring. 2 A male adopted person in relation to his adoption parents. 3 A male person who has such a close relationship with an older or otherwise more authoritative person that he...

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
Old English sunu "son, descendant," from Proto-Germanic *sunuz (cognates: Old Saxon and Old Frisian sunu , Old Norse sonr , Danish søn , Swedish son , Middle Dutch sone , Dutch zoon , Old High German sunu , German Sohn , Gothic sunus "son"). The Germanic...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a male human offspring; "their son became a famous judge"; "his boy is taller than he is" [syn: boy ] [ant: daughter , daughter ] the divine word of God; the second person in the Trinity (incarnate in Jesus) [syn: Word , Logos ]

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
A son is a male offspring ; a boy or man in relation to his parents . The female counterpart is a daughter .

Usage examples of son.

They all shuffle, all these strange lonely children of God, these mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, husbands and wives whose noisy aberrations are safely muffled now by drugs.

Here was my wife, who had secretly aided and abetted her son in his design, and been the recipient of his hopes and fears on the subject, turning to me, who had dared to utter a feeble protest or two only to be scoffed at, and summarily sat upon, asking if the game was really safe.

The conflict, grown beyond the scope of original plans, had become nothing less than a fratricidal war between the young king and the Count of Poitou for the succession to the Angevin empire, a ghastly struggle in which Henry was obliged to take a living share, abetting first one and then the other of his furious sons.

But I have bethought me, that, since I am growing old and past the age of getting children, one of you, my sons, must abide at home to cherish me and your mother, and to lead our carles in war if trouble falleth upon us.

Instead of condemning his memory, he piously supposed, that the dying monarch had abjured the errors of Arianism, and recommended to his son the conversion of the Gothic nation.

Once was I taken of the foemen in the town where I abode when my lord was away from me, and a huge slaughter of innocent folk was made, and I was cast into prison and chains, after I had seen my son that I had borne to my lord slain before mine eyes.

The same women that despised Sky Eyes, that gossiped about her and futilely forbade their sons to come near her, they came for abortifacients, joint easers, the silvery drink that brought one out of a dark mood, a dozen other things.

If he wept at the sight of an old tapestry which represented the crime and punishment of the son of Chosroes, if his days were abridged by grief and remorse, we may allow some pity to a parricide, who exclaimed, in the bitterness of death, that he had lost both this world and the world to come.

Whether Walter West let him watch while he abused young girls, or whether he encouraged his son to take his place, or whether, in fact, he abused him directly Frederick West was never to reveal.

This was a subterfuge, by the aid of which he intended to open new negotiations respecting the form and conditions of the Regency of his son, in case of the Allied sovereigns acceding to that proposition.

Logos was particularly considered under the more accessible character of the Son of an Eternal Father, and the Creator and Governor of the world.

A short time after his accession, he conferred on his son Diadumenianus, at the age of only ten years, the Imperial title, and the popular name of Antoninus.

His fortunate son, from the first moment of his accession, declaring himself the protector of the church, at length deserved the appellation of the first emperor who publicly professed and established the Christian religion.

Very well, then, his name isDarian Acer, second son of the earl ofChesley .

Also, that he wanted papers to be drawn up to the effect that one thousand pounds a year was to be allotted to acertain lady in support of herself and her son.