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Answer for the clue "One who might do the heavy lifting", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word heman

Rambo, e.g.

Hardly a sissy

Macho dude


Mr. Muscles

Macho type


Hercules type



Bender of iron bars, maybe

Muscled one

Atlas, e.g.

Charles Atlas, for one

Virile one

One with big biceps

Muscly fellow


Rambo type

Muscular fellow

Mr. Universe, e.g.


Macho guy

Schwarzenegger, e.g.

Macho male

Two-fisted one

Virile fellow

Typical Wayne role

Bouncer, usually

John Wayne type

End of Stepquote

Dolph Lundgren role

Stallone-type role

Swashbuckler, perhaps

Far-from-frail male

Wayne type

Word definitions for heman in dictionaries

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. (misspelling of he-man English)

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Heman may refer to Heman , a Jewish name He-Man , a character from the Masters of the Universe media franchise

Usage examples of heman.

Heman knew Ramon and at least two Apache gals might get steamed if he had his segundo drygulch an Anglo they were on good terms with.

Of the sons of the Ko’hathites: Heman the singer the son of Jo’el, son of Samuel, [34]: son of Elka’nah, son of Jero’ham, son of Eli’el, son of To’ah, [35]: son of Zuph, son of Elka’nah, son of Mahath, son of Ama’sai, [36]: son of Elka’nah, son of Jo’el, son of Azari’ah, son of Zephani’ah, [37]: son of Tahath, son of Assir, son of Ebi’asaph, son of Korah, [38]: son of Izhar, son of Kohath, son of Levi, son of Israel.