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Answer for the clue "Grab suddenly ", 4 letters:

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Säre is a village in Antsla Parish , Võru County in southeastern Estonia .

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a. 1 (context British archaic English) dry, withered 2 (context dialectal Kent archaic English) tender, rotten 3 (context dialectal Northern England archaic English) melancholy, bad, severe adv. (context UK dialectal Northern England archaic English) much, ...

Usage examples of sare.

Lola Sare leaned forward and dropped her cigarette into a half-full glass on the floor.

John took a step toward Sare, holding the basket of apples they had picked as if they were an offering.

Sare, not at her, Sare who knelt next to pale sleeping Blaze, and Verity wondered how many times they had had this conversation before.

Even as Blaze spoke, Sare had pushed her plate away and was scribbling another card.

The wagon was full of boxes of food which kept John from sliding out, and Evangeline and Sare sat up front with Russ while the horse pulled them.

She seemed pretty much normal, but probably just needed to go with Sare and take care of her.

She wished that Evangeline and Sare had not gone down the river, crazed by the plague.

If Sare were here, she could probably sense the population and spit it out to the last baby.

His red hair, which Sare had usually cut, had grown shaggy almost to his shoulders, and curled and caught the sunlight.

In a slow, halting voice, she told him about John, and Sare, and Evangeline.

The Temple of the Sare had reacted to her presence, but this was the Marai, one of the two pivotal temples in the Kushor-At and the Celestial Empire.